6 Habits & Characteristics of people with high IQ based on several studies

Although the intelligent quotient or IQ is not the only indicator to determine one's intelligence, it can not be denied that IQ is still 'deified'.

Some schools often hold IQ tests to measure the intelligence of their students. Those with high IQ were immediately branded as smart students.

But according to some studies, actually measuring the level of IQ a person does not have to go through a series of tests. The reason, a number of traits can describe a person's intelligence level.

There are many ways to reveal whether one's intellectual intelligence (IQ) is valuable. One of them is to take the intelligence test owned by a particular institution, but there are other ways to find out how much your 6 actually is.

The trick is to pay attention to your habits. Yes, that habit can be a benchmark for assessing how great your intelligence is.

1. Anti-social

There are people who do not get high satisfaction from socializing activities, including chatting with friends. In individuals with high intelligence and IQ levels, this is more frequently observed, according to a study.

If you say about happiness, maybe some people imagine about having fun with friends. However, socializing actually makes people with high IQ feel suffering.

According to research, if a person with a high IQ socialize, then the level of their satisfaction with life is getting smaller.

2. More productive at night

Sleep too late at night has proven to be no impact is good for health, but a study revealing that the habit does not apply to those with high IQ. In the study, person with high IQ tend to sleep too late.

The night owl is the name of the person who is active at night and it is difficult to be productive throughout the day. This habit turns out to be genetic, even people who usually do this have advantages over their friends who are easy to get up and active in the morning.

At least, according to a study, in general, night owls are observed to have a higher intelligence level than the morning bird.

3. Unlucky in love story

The stereotype that geniuses are usually unlucky in romance is evident in a study.

When their friends already have a lover, just the opposite. Perhaps it is driven by the loner attitude of people with high IQ.

4. Nervous and doubt for their own abilities

Smart people rarely claim themselves intelligent, and conversely, less savvy sometimes often unaware of reality. This phenomenon is called the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

Because they feel they are not so smart, some individuals often feel nervous and doubt for their own abilities. In fact, this specific nervousness is also part of the mark of intelligence.

5. Risk taker

Often take risks and enthusiasm when faced with challenges? This belief may be rooted in your intelligence. Experiments conducted in Finland show that risky and open people accept new challenges tend to be smarter.

In experiments using a driving test, participants who took the risky option were observed to have more efficient cognitive function.

6. Mental Health Disorders

Some studies show that children with high IQ, usually associated with mental health disorders, one of them bipolar.

According to other studies, intelligent people are also usually more easily agitated.

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