7 Teachers Who Practice Unique Teaching Methods that can be Used as Inspiration

The teaching method has a great impact on the interest and attention of students in following the lesson. One of the things that causes the classroom atmosphere to be boring and unpleasant is a non-innovative way of teaching. As a result, time off and go home are the most awaited things because of the uncomfortable class atmosphere.

To solve this problem, it is necessary to innovate in teaching methods. Here are 7 teachers who practice unique teaching methods that can be used as inspiration.

1. Peace Post Card

Saara Suaib Hanafi, an English teacher at SMP Al-Azhar 9 Bekasi successfully created a unique and innovative teaching method. The method is called the Peace Post Card. Peace Post Card is a breakthrough made by Saara in the world of learning in Indonesia.

Each student is given a card like a postcard that they will write a message of peace. Here, students are taught to be able to express their opinions. The results will then be presented with students abroad through the Skype application. It is interesting that the method Saara made.

Thanks to his unique innovative teaching method, Saara succeed to represent Indonesia in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Saara followed the Microsoft Global Education Forum event. There, Saara won the learning tools competition which was contested with 5 other international teacher groups. Saara love to be a teacher because she thinks that just by being a teacher she can be useful to others. She wants to inspire from whatever is good for her students.

2. Simulation of Constitutional Consciousness

Citizenship Education Lessons are often underestimated. Students feel confused. They are quite dizzy with a lot of rote. According Rahayuningsih, a teacher at SMK Muhammadiyah 4 Surakarta, conventional teaching methods of this lesson even make students bored. Starting from the problem, she make a unique teaching method, namely Simulation of Constitution Consciousness.

She provides Citizenship Education lesson that containing 37 articles such as playing Monopoly. However, the difference is that the paper used is larger in size and can be embedded on a small board. Students have a role as facilitator, resource person, audience, and player. As a result, students can memorize the content of learning through problem cards and sanction cards are created. This unique method has been applied in the school where he teaches. This method also brings itself as the 1st Winner of National Teacher Creativity Competition in 2013.

3. Interactive Multimedia

In today's digital age, it is a perfect fit to apply multimedia-based teaching methods. Nura Uma Annisa, teacher of Al Azhar 22 Kindergarten, Semarang, Central Java, successfully implement interactive multimedia learning. Nura produce her own animated project. Starting from making the material through recording her own voice, video making, up to the formation of the picture.

According to Nura, recording voice and video in real will increase the interest of learning kindergarten children who are mostly still difficult to read. Her voice was made like a child. If you take another voice, sometimes it still sounds like an adult. Viewing real images and imitating children's voices can make their students more attentive and interesting to the lesson. Nura won the National Innovative Teacher Award 2011 and Microsoft Innovation Challenging Contexts Asia Pacific Forum 2012, New Zealand.

4. Mathematical Props

Mathematics is often a lesson that students fear. However, Juli Eko Sarwono managed to change his authoritative teaching method and text book into fun. He is a Mathematics teacher at junior high s 19 Purworejo. In the past, Juli applied a method of learning that made his students afraid to study the subjects of the calculations. He is even known as the fiercest Math teacher.

However, July changed it all. He applied a fairly unique learning method with props, such as his motorcycle His motorcycle is inserted into the class only for example in the material of tube and circle.

5. Teaching with meme

What do you think about meme? It must be immediately reminded of 9gag or 1cak. Usually, this meme is a lot of fun as entertainment because of the pictures and words that make us laugh. Well, there is a teacher who uses this meme to teach.

6. Memorize the chemical element through the song

Memorizing the periodic table of elements filled with letters and numbers is not easy. This sometimes makes the students so lazy. Well, one of the teachers abroad to make a donkey bridge to facilitate their students in memorization. He used Lady Gaga's lyrics of Bad Romance to compile the periodic table.

There is no harm to change teaching methods that are too serious to be more fun. It's all done to foster the students' love of chemistry lessons.

7. Creating Formulas in Hands

Zoe Waller, a professor of chemistry at the University of East Angelia, UK, uses her skin to teach about drugs and molecular sequences. His skin suffers from a disorder called dermatographia. This is a condition in which when bulging will bring an itchy rash on the skin.

Dermatographia occurs when cells beneath the skin surface release histamine chemicals, even under the lightest pressure. However, her illness actually made Zoe took the initiative to do this unique teaching method. Students must learn 100 different drugs every day. He will also describe a new drug to be studied on her skin.

However, for this one teaching method, not all teachers can do it. Alternatives that can be done if you want to follow the unique method can be replaced by sticking paper that has been given the image of Chemical formulas.

These are some of the unique teaching methods performed by teachers in the world. They do it all just so that the students can like and do not feel bored learning. What unique teaching methods have you ever done? Share in comment field. Who knows could be an inspiration for other teachers.

Source: blog.ruangguru.com

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