Read This Advice if You Want to be The Best Writer

Many people are asking for opinions about authorship to me. I need to explain here to avoid misunderstanding. In the past, I was often involved in this issue while still actively struggling in the literary world. My learning process is teaching something i know, and asking which one I do not know. Because reading alone is not enough.

A few years after I resigned of writing and reading literature, I was also not interested in authorship discussions. Especially about technical problems, such as a matter of grammar. I may not get to the best skill level, but I am quite there.

Unfinished people in basic authorship issues, such as understanding punctuation, using affixes, conjunctions, capitalization, etc., should indeed be studied first. This can be done alone. But about the art of writing, about style, about the ability to produce good writing, and so on, I think it's safer to go to an Authorship School. Discussions alone are not enough.

Someone took a long time to get such results. A successful novelist is not born in a day. A cerpenis, poet, essayist, opinion writer is proficient, not a distillery. They learn and practice very long. We do not know what process they have experienced, we just know they can writing good after it.

Writing for me is as easy as breathing. The idea was somersaults inside my head. Can be tens or hundreds every day. So if anyone is waiting for the idea to write it is funny in my opinion. The problem is, whether the idea can be executed correctly or not?

Each skilled writer must have his or her own way of grasping ideas and shaping them into worthy writing. They must have enjoyed it for a long time. My advice, if you want fast, follow the writing school, Direct or online.

I'm sure that everyone can be writer. It's a matter of skill. To be proficient needs to be trained. Obviously by involving a mentor, someone who is expert in his field.

So, to write perfunctory is easy, but to write a good is difficult. Anyone who asked my opinion about writing, of course I will give for free, as far as I can. However, for the depth, continue and continue to learning themselves. I don't have enough patience to engage. If you can, follow the forum or a group of writing. Like fish, author/writer also need a habitat.

Many people consider writing is easy, whereas writing is difficult. Or otherwise, consider write very difficult, whereas not as difficult as they imagine. The key I think is write with heart. But the first, you must skillful with grammar.

If you want to write, then you have to learn techniques to write, just like when want to paint. all it's not instant, but also not impossible issue

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