7 Characteristics of a Good Teacher for All Students

A teacher is someone who teach and educate us about many things, about the science, ethics, morals, culture, etc. Thanks to the teachers, we become more aware and knowledgeable. A teacher is someone who gives us the knowledge and experience of direct and real learning.

Although we can easily access the knowledge of the internet, learning and gaining knowledge from the teacher remains the main one. Teachers run the role of parents in educating children for approximately 8 hours when children are in school. In order to be able to run well the role assignments and of course there are several criteria that must be have by the teacher.

Time spent on children during in the school with a variety of learning activities that are under the guidance of teachers is important moments in his life. The experience and knowledge they get will be very influential for their life in the future.

For the sake of achieving those goals, then there are several ideal qualities required of a teacher so that he became a professional teacher, who is able to execute its task very well. The following 7 qualities required of an ideal teacher so that they became a figure that always loved by students.

1. Interactive

Interaction of teachers and students of harmonious and active is one of the indicator of success in teacher manage the classroom. Good communication between teachers and students is very important so that the subject matter can be carried to its fullest without any parts missing. Interactive teacher type, which can stimulate students ' passion for active and communicative in the class is the preferred ideal teacher students.

2. Problem solver

The students certainly experience various problems during in the school. Whether it concerns learning, social life, etc. This is where the teacher acts as a mentor who helps solve the problems experienced by students whenever they need help.

3. Care

Although teachers should still maintain the discipline and the rules of the school, is too keep the distance with the students is also less well anyway. In other words, there should be an obligation of the teachers to discipline students making himself cannot be care and friendly. It will be good if teachers stay be friendly towards the students. So, the emotional bonds between teachers-students will be better so that students will not feel afraid or embarrassed to ask, share, and spells out a thing.

4. Have a sense of humor

The class too seriously feels boring. Therefore, it is necessary for teachers to include the joke in the classroom during the process of teaching and learning takes place. Students will be excited when teacher had a good sense of humor. Teachers need to incorporate the element of fun in the style of teaching.

5. Open minded

Students will not like when teachers insulting and judging them in front of the class without understanding the problem. This shows that a teacher should be broad and open minded, should be able to tell the difference between reason and the real problem, and then wise in being and acting. A teacher must be patient and cool-minded, so it is not easy to judge/insulting students without understanding the actual problem/reason.

6. Tolerant

The students definitely like the teacher who is tolerant, even so the figure of the teacher's favorite. The teacher doesn't have to impress the extra tight or ferociously against the students because such an attitude will get them shut down so that the lessons and advice from teachers not carried to its fullest. Too give freedom on students is also less well because they can make students disobey. So, the teacher has to be wisely and proportionally in all circumstances and conditions.

7. Wise

The ideal teacher is a wise teacher in all things like punishment, giving advice, and so on. The wisdom of a teacher automatically becomes an example of a positive role model for students.

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