E-sport Education for Millenial Generation

Have you heard the term e-sport recently? If you are not familiar with this term, then you can ask your kids or your friends who like to play "game" in their mobile smartphone or PC. Yes, e-sports is a term about electronic sports that is the term for online multiplayer video game competition.

If you ever download games on google play (of course games that can be played with many people) then you are already involved in e-sport game. There are many types of e-sports games such as real time strategy, fighting, racing, first shoot person, MOBA (multiplayer battle online arena), and so on. Examples of existing games are League Of Legends, Dota 2, Mobile Legends, Arena Of Valor, and so on.

the development of e-sports in recent years is remarkable. Even President Jokowi responded by giving a statement that e-sports education should be able to enter into the world of education in the future. Especially for millenial generation.

For parents today, do not think pessimistic if your child often play games with their gadget. Who knows it is their hobby and passion to be a professional gamer. Although there are pros and cons, but we need to see from various sides about this. E-sports is on of industry that counts in this world.

This type of electronic sport game, where the team competed in it recorded 148 million people worldwide and generate the revenue 493 million US dollars in 2016 or an increase of 51 percent than in 2015. Even countries such as South Korea also include e-sports in the Bachelor of Science in Gaming Industry program.

The e-sports industry is very serious with their entertainment products and the competitions they make every year. The prizes they offer are fantastic. In Indonesia if you've ever seen a 7 billion dollars (AOV/Arena Of Valor) TV game ad is one of the many gaming industry promotions in various media.

In fact, recorded e-sports match Dota2, always give a surprise with the total value of the competition prizes they offer. Yes, the prizes amount to 20,773,957 US dollars. Who is not tempted if just playing games can be a milliader? At the Asian Games in 2022 also e-sports have been discouraged in the struggle for medals interstate. So from now on every country should start preparing to compete in this event.

How is E-Sport Education for Indonesia?

E-sports education should begin to be designed and introduced in Indonesia. Not mean that E-Sport education is only for entertainment or business, but there are educational values ​​that are important to be taught. Especially for the young and millennial in this period and the future.

Anyone be allowed to play games, regardless of gender or age. If just for entertainment is no problem, but if the goal is to become professional and profession, then there should be a proper and directed education. Indonesia is the largest country of e-sport game users in Asia. Most of the users are young children.

In fact, there is often a contrast between education and gaming. Usually the stigma is children who over play games, they tend to forget or neglect their education as a priority. Many parents often scold their children while playing games, so children often hide away to just entertain themselves with the game. Not a few cases of child crime because of playing online games. For example, many cases of children who are willing to steal just to buy an online game voucher.

All of these can be avoided if there is a special education about e-sports. In addition to parental supervision, it would be better if there are professionals (teachers) who also helped provide the right direction for children in playing the game. Especially E-Sport multiplayer games.

Good e-sports education is to give motivation to the players for what they play the game. What goals they want to achieve and how to achieve them. If just for entertainment, then losing out will not be a problem. That is, a serious player with e-sport should play like a true athlete athlete. Practice with certain rules, systems, and patterns. Apply strategies, exercises and competitions regularly. Increase level, teamwork, follow international rules, and ethics in the game such as fair play, no racism and so on.

E-sports education is more than playing games. It would be better and more useful to learn how the process of making, developing or creating games, e-sports marketing, business, research, seminars and other educational forms that can be elaborated with e-sports. That way, the millenial generation is not only fond of playing games. More than it, the practice of learning a foreign language will be more easily absorbed by playing games.

To include e-sports education in the educational curriculum, it takes a long process. Need deep study and various research to be realized. E-sports education can be included in the school's extracurricular activities. Of course with an experienced coach and able to teach e-sport well and professionally. Competition between students and inter-regional tournaments can be realized in this field. Especially games with multiplayer genre. Teamwork, respect for rivals or friends is a high moral value in e-sports games.

Author: Ulan Hernawan

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