The Uniqueness of Danish Education System

In Denmark, and in other Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Iceland, Norway and Finland), all the "smart" elementary school students must teach and guide their "weak" friends. Why should they teach or help a friend? The child could be smart at math, but not necessarily smart in other lessons. This is where the process of mutual "teach" and help each other.

In Denmark and Scandinavia, mutual help or help each other is not only theory and memorized in the brain, but practiced early on since in elementary school. All must help to his friends who do not understand the lessons in the classroom. It is practiced that the "group" is better than the individual, the interest of the group, the extent of the public interest or the state should take precedence over self-interest.

Since it's been taught and practiced since childhood, it's no wonder we ask Danish people (young, old, male, female, professors, ordinary lecturer, entrepreneur, hired worker, private worker, civil servant), all simultaneously or uniformly replied, It's okay if my salary is taxed in large amounts, it can be up to 60%, depending on the amount of salary, moreover it is used to help people who are still unlucky in life. "

Uniquely Education in Denmark is all students (elementary through high school) promoted to next grade, there is no term failing a grade. If there is student below average, there is a special class for this group of children. His teacher was special. The curriculum is more on "survive" in daily life or work preparation in the mastery of simple techniques.

This is where it is important to teach each other, where as they go up the classroom, everything is ready with a new more "difficult" lesson. When a smart student who teach have "less of understanding" of a particular subject or subject, teacher will keep an eye on it. Teacher will "intervene" if the child is wrong in teaching the concept.

This kind of activity is done after a formal lesson, usually until 4 pm. Parents, whether smart students or students who need guidance are asked for permission by teacher and school. In addition to helping friends, the afternoon is a "special" activity for students with special interests.

Maybe you ask, what is "quality" education that all students promoted to next grade? The answer is the best in the world. According to US News dated 7 March 2017, published a report entitled "Best Countries for Education" places 4 Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland) as the world's best education country!

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