5 Exciting Activities to Introduce the Financial Literacy for Students

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Financial literacy for children are not included in the test, but this capability is life skills, which would be beneficial to their daily life. Children now more sensitive and critical to the condition around them. Therefore, the teacher should be more creative with teaching methods.Here 5 exciting activities to introduce the concept of money for children! do not forget, adjust the activities with the child's age.

1. Bazar

In this event, children was introduced to the process of finance, ranging from save to venture capital, spend money to buy items will be resold in Bazar, up to the recording of income, spending and transaction. Through this activity, children can learn a variety of thing about the function of money.

2. Smart Shopping

Students are invited to visit the traditional market and supermarkets. Earlier, they was introduced to the value of money, making the shopping plans, including understanding the different of need and desire, and compare the item price. When they do this activities, children can shop in accordance with the shopping list, and ends with the evaluation of the activities.

3. Birthday Party

Try to celebrate the birthday party with the idea from child. Of course with discussion and direction of the parents. Children can be guided to make plans events, including the budget activities. Through this activity, children are invited to learn have financial goals, and undergo the in achieving goals.

4. Field trip simulation

Teach your children about what is the concept and function of money, then invite them to visit locations around with carrying amount of money. They are free to spend the money in accordance desire, and after that, do the evaluation together.

5. Study tour

Invite children to make a plan of study tour, start from the location, schedule and of course about the estimated cost. Money can be obtained from the results of your own business. Invite them to make a plan activities of income, for example Bazar, or sell services. Teach your children about the simple of the financial management and business strategy.

With activities above, teachers and parents be an expert of financial literacy for children. (QMfinancial)

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