Fun Activities to Make Your Kids Love to Read Books During the Holidays

Shop for books in a bookstore can encourage and develop an interest in reading. Instead, parents give the kids freedom to select one or more book stories for shopping.

After the book was bought, the duty of parents is to motivate kids to read books that were purchased until completion. They can read books independently or if they are not fluent reading, parents need to guide kids to read.

After finished one book to read, parents should discuss the contents of the book with the child. This is very beneficial to growing interaction and intense communication between kids and parents.

According to the research, developing an interest in reading can be done while kids aged 1-3 years. In this age range, parents can stimulate the ability of basic literacy (read write) child with reading out the kid's picture book with the clear volume and tone of voice for the sentence that reads.

Kids need to be stimulated by introducing letters, numbers, and vocabulary in the age of 3-6 years. In addition, they also need to be introduced with the stationery such as markers and color pencils for doodling and drawing.

When 6-year-old, a good time for parents to teach kids to read and write by considering its readiness. One of the signs that a child is ready to read is they interest in books, love to listen the stories, and an introduction to the alphabet.

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