Co-founder of Litara Foundation Share How to Make Reading Activity More Fun for Kids

Indonesia classified as one of a country with the low level of literacy rate. Books regarded as objects to meet the academic activities so impressed not fun for kids.

This conditions is compounded with the parent's understanding about the book, where the book with more text than illustrations or images tend to better in add kids's vocabulary. In fact, according to the author and co-founder of Litara Foundation, Sofie dewayani, it is make a kid feel that reading book is not fun.

If the kid's age level is beginner's readers, then the parents do not rush to buy a book dominated by any words. Choose books that use many illustrations or images to arouse kids's interest.

In addition to the age factor, parents should also consider the kid's interest in certain themes and choose a book with a theme that kids love. Also make sure the book's story is easy to understand so as not to make kids get bored quickly.

In choosing books for beginner, the entertaining aspect should be more prominent than educative. It because the book should be fun, interesting and entertaining. Sometimes, something that interesting for kids is often considered less educational for parents.

According to Sofie, with enjoy the illustrations and picture in the book, it can grow the kids's interests to read. That's why she urged parents to don't burdened with the demands of buying books for kids to be able to read quickly, but to arouse their interest to read a book.

Kids learn to read not only to complete the story, but also enjoy the picture so that later they will make reading the book as a habit. Parents should find an interesting book first so that kids are also interested to read it.

Parents also need to do mentoring their kid while reading a book to grow his empathy to the character of the story. One of them by making a discussion after kid read the book.

For example when they read, parents can ask anyone who wrote in this story. Which character do you like? It can enhance empathy, and the kid's ability to communicate his or her emotional intelligence.

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