The Nine Services of Guidance and Counseling

Guidance and Counseling are very useful for students who need help and have the problems about learning difficulties, social, etc. The teacher of Guidance and Counseling will provide solutions and help to students who need. However, there are various types of Guidance and Counseling services at school where teacher should know and understand. Following nine service types of Guidance and Counseling at school.

1. Orientation Service

The new environment for students is something different. In tis condition, student will have difficulty to socialize. The lack of the inability of socializing also raises adaptive malls behavior (distorted behavior) for students. Orientation Service is attempted to bridge the gap between students with the new atmosphere or object. This service can be done individually or groups and better to do at the start of new school year.

2. Information Service

Information services is useful for client to get the necessary information. Information services can be given as individuals or groups. For example, for an individual who need special information in handling learning difficulties. The example of information services group is information about higher education, health, etc. In more detail, the contents of the information service on the primary school is (a) information on the self development, (b) information about the personal relationship, social, values and moral, (c) information about education learning activities, (d) information about the world's career, (e) information about the socio-cultural, and (f) information about religion.

3. Placement and distribution service

Placement services and distribution function is to help students in obtaining extracurricular activities in accordance with their interest and talent. Students need counselor to help and develop their potential/passion. Especially for the majority of students who still not understand interest talent they have. Placement and distribution of students at school include: 1) placement services in the classroom, 2) placement and distribution to the group of study, 3) placement and distribution into extracurricular activities, 4) placement and delivery to the faculty/study programs, 4) placement and distribution into further education.

4. Individual Counseling Service

Individual counseling services is to help students who have the personal problems. Individual counseling done in a way face to face directly between counselor and clients to resolve problems. Counseling is service that the core of implementation based on terms and really high quality business, because it core of all services.

Material that covered in individual counseling services are not limited, because variety of each individual problems. For example about economic, social, learning, and career.

The implementation of individual counseling services same with other services take planning, implementation, evaluation, analysis results, follow-up and reports.

5. Group Guidance Service

Guidance services for group is information activities to group of students to make plan and decision. In this service, group led by the group leader. Group leader is a counselor trained and authorities. The purpose of this service is for development of ability to socialize, especially communication ability (verbal and nonverbal) for students. Topic for discussion usually given by counselor (leader group) or can be determined by group members. For the ideal number, the amount of group members is 8-10 of people in order to effectively and efficiently.

6. Mastery of Content Service

Mastery of content is a service of assistance to individuals or groups to master a certain ability or competence through learning activities. With the mastery of the content, students are expected to solve their needs and overcome the problems and useful to add insight, direct the assessment and attitude. Therefore, counselors should actively present the material, motivate and encourage students to actively participate in service materials and activities.

7. Learning Service

Learning services aimed for helping students develop attitudes and good learning habits. This service is given individually or group that had the same problem.

8. Consulting Service

Consulting services implemented by the counselors (supervisor) against a customer (konsulti) which allowed him to gain insight, understanding, and the ways that needs to be unsettled in dealing with conditions or third-party problem. In the school environment which could be konsulti is the headmaster, teachers, and parents.

The problem that consultees includes a variety of things third party experienced in daily life especially regarding its status as good students in a primary or at home as well as in their environment. The contents of the consulting services can be related to different areas of an extensive life experienced by individual (third party).

9. Group Counseling Service

Group counseling services enable group dynamics to discuss useful matters for personal development and individual problem solving (students) who are participants of the service. In group counseling, personal issues are addressed by each group member.

Keep in mind that all service handling above, guidance and counseling teachers in collaboration with other teacher, administrator, etc. Teachers should need to understand the importance understanding counseling and guidance as well as the kinds of guidance and counseling service in order to support the purpose of implementation of guidance and counseling.

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