How to Diagnose and Handle Bipolar Disorder

If your child experiences extreme mood changes, your child may experience early symptoms of bipolar disorder. Therefore, take your child to the nearest psychologist or psychiatrist for proper assessment and treatment so that the disorder can be resolved immediately. bipolar disorder is now being discussed a lot. However, not many people understand the disorder.

Bipolar disorder can be interpreted as a disorder in expressing emotions. According to clinical psychologist dr Hanami, this bipolar disorder is caused by internal and external factors. Internal factors cause this bipolar due to a disruption in the neurotransmitter in the brain.

"This disorder in the form of damage neurotransmitter that serves to move the hormone serotonin and dopamine that control emotions."

This damage is the basic cause of bipolar patients, but this disorder can appear in children as well as triggered by external factors. Among them is the pattern of parenting that is not true. For example, parents are less communicative and do not respond to child complaints. That way the child does not have the proper emotional channeling.

This causes the child to suppress the problem and cause stress to depression. In addition, children who never get affection and experience abandonment can also lead to the emergence of bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder is divided into 2, mild type 1 bipolar disorder, and more severe type 2 bipolar disorder. Usually the first child has mild bipolar which will cause some symptoms.

The first is the mood swing, a very extreme mood changed and in quick time. For example, when children may feel sad, crying excessively, depressed, until they feel helpless, but for no reason suddenly the child has episodes of mania, can feel excessive, motivated, and excited.

However, the child should be also observed, sometimes after crying, the child can laugh immediately because there is a diversion, for example when given his favorite items, well, this is not classified as bipolar symptoms.

Bipolar children also tend to be impulsive and difficult to control his emotions. Not only that, people with this disorder is also easily offended so easily angered.

In severe cases of bipolar type 2, delusions and hallucinations occasionally occur. If left unchecked, the disorder will cause schizophrenia disorder. "Actually, in type 2, bipolar sufferers will experience suicidal tendencies and / or may result in split personality or multiple personality," said the woman who is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Psychology, Surabaya University.

To handle a bipolar child, the whole family should be psychoeducated about the disorder. Families should divert all stimuli that can make a child depressed. In addition, in patients with severe bipolar disorder will usually be given a special drug as a stabilizer mood.

"This drug works to stimulate neurotransmitters to avoid mood swing. This bipolar disorder is actually the same as diabetes or hypertension disorder. Can not be cured, can only be mainrance or stabilized. If it starts to stabilize, the dose of the drug can be reduced little by little, "said the lecturer who is a consultant clinical psychologist.

According to Tanti, the drug given to this bipolar child should be consumed for life. if the drug is stopped completely, then within 3-4 months, the stages of interference in your baby may increase.

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