Literacy Movement in Indonesia

In Indonesia, the term literacy has become a popular term. We can say that in a few years, the term literacy and literacy movement increasingly widely known by people in Indonesia.

The growing popularity of literacy and literacy movement in Indonesia at least caused by the four main things.

First, the growing consciousness of how the fundemental, strategic, and important for the progress and the future of society and the nation of Indonesia. Either historically or sociological proved that peoples and Nations who advanced and superior are always supported by the existence of literacy.

Second, the importance of literacy is increasingly realized by most of the people including the Government of Indonesia that Indonesia's progress and the primacy of the individual, community, and the nation of Indonesia is also determined by the existence of a good tradition and a culture of literacy.

Third, the stronger of the awareness and involvement of a wide range of people, society and the Government to try to grow, strengthen, and spread the word about the activities, programs, tradition, and the culture of literacy in the community, society, and environmental education.

Fourth, more literacy movement that developed in the community and schools conducted by various circles.

Literacy movement more strong among the public and education in Indonesia. Especially after the Government initiated and sustained movement of school literacy, literacy movement's popularity increase. Festivals, clinics, scientific meetings about litetacy as part of the literacy movement the more often carried out by various parties

In line with the above description, in the School literacy movement program of Kemdikbud (The Ministry of education) interpret literacy as the ability to access, understand and use something intelligent through various activities, such as reading, viewing, listening, writing, and speaking. In the middle of the flow of information through various media, both print media, audiovisual media and social media, the ability of literacy is crucial.

With a good literacy ability we as individuals, communities, and Nations are not easily swayed by various multiform information coming in against us. In addition, with the good ability of literacy, we can achieve progress and success.

Not surprisingly, UNESCO said that the literacy ability is a focal point of the Vision Paper progress (UNESCO, 2004) asserts that the ability of literacy has become a prerequisite for participation in various social activities, cultural, political, and economical in modern era.

In line with the growth of literacy, form and type of literacy also continued to develop the essence and concept. Until now there are different shapes and types of literacy offered or developed by various parties.

PISA Classify the types of literacy become reading liyeracy, mathematical literacy, and scientifical literacy. Mochtar Buchori categorized literacy as cultural literacy and social literacy.

Comprehensive literacy allows a person to contribute to the society in accordance with the competence and its role as a global citizen. Therefore, the ability to be an expert various forms and kinds of literacy support the success and progress of the individual, community, and even the nation. In the context of education, the ability to be an expert various forms and types of literacy, surely will make successful and advanced learners.

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