Mathematics Phobia

Why is mathematics became a lesson that most of students fear? Mathematics phobia (mathematics anxiety) is actually quite common. Seeing the symptoms, mathematical phobia is actually very similar to stage fright.

Why is someone suffering stagefright? Afraid there is something wrong in front of the crowd? Afraid of being rated bad? Afraid of being completely empty? Anxiety to math raises fears of some type. One fear will not be able to do math or other fears that are too loud or the fear of failure often comes from the less of confidence.

ITB Mathematician Iwan Pranoto said the problem of mathematical phobia is often considered very crucial compared to other fields of study, because since elementary and even kindergarten, students have been taught mathematic. Therefore, the physics phobia become less crucial than mathematics. Moreover, new chemistry is taught at high school level.

The true child's fear of mathematics is be afraid that their answer is wrong. Because the wrong answer mean failure, so the child need to always be able to give the right answer. Though the wrong answer is not a failure, but it can make children more understanding the concept of mathematics and analyze its thought.

Teachers should also not scold the student if the answer that given is wrong, because not all student have high motivation after being scolded. Some student will be more afraid and hate the lesson. Student's afraid of mathematics it can trigger mathematical disorder (mathematics disorder), the condition where the child has low mathematical ability or below the normal ability of student based on age and education level.

Then, where does this mathematical fear come from?

According to Russell Deb (, this fear usually comes from an unpleasant experience in math lessons. Mathematical phobia can also be caused by poor quality of mathematics learning and less practice of mathematical problems.

As we all know, students often have an overwhelming dependence on mathematical procedures as a way of understanding mathematics. And when someone tries to memorize procedures, rules and steps to solve the problem without understanding many things. Math is soon forgotten and doubts arise.

Understanding math is very important. Once students realize that they can do math, the whole idea of ​​mathematical anxiety can be overcome. Teachers and parents have an important role to ensure students understand the mathematics presented to them.

How to overcome the fear of one's math must form six self-attitude as a learner. First, a positive attitude. However, positive attitudes come with quality learning to understand that often does not occur in math learning with traditional approaches.

Second, ask questions and determine to improve understanding of mathematical concepts. Do not settle for something less during learning. Ask for a clear illustration and or demonstration or simulation. Third, practice or practice questions regularly, especially when you're having trouble with certain concepts.

Fourthly, when you really can not understand math at all, rent a tutor or study a group with people who really understand math. Sure you can solve math problems as hard as anything. Only sometimes does it take a different approach for you to understand some concepts.

Fifth, do not just read your notes to understand math concepts. Understanding the concept of math requires regular exercise and make sure you can honestly state that you understand what you are doing. Sixth, persistent and no more emphasizes the fact that we all make mistakes. Remember, some of the most powerful learning comes from making mistakes.

After the formation of this self-attitude, only the role of the teacher to make mathematics interesting. Here need for teacher creativity factor. Creativity of teachers in delivering material or creativity in terms of presenting mathematical material to his students.

Mathematics is an abstract science. It is almost certain that mathematical concepts are abstract concepts. But, it should also be remembered that in certain stages, every human being is also able to understand something abstract, though of course according to the level of each intelligence. There are so fast catch, but some are very slow.

While for the second reason, it is the teacher factor. Maybe, teacher is not smart, not authoritative, lack of insight, unpleasant, bad nature, or other bad things. In response, remember, "Teacher is also human!" If you are not satisfied with teacher in class, ask another teacher outside the classroom or outside our school.

Author: Fitrie Wahyuni SHut

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