Media Literacy Need to be Included in School Curriculum

Media literacy or a person's ability to process and understand information in using the media, including social messaging, need to be included in the Indonesia's school curriculum. In many countries, media literacy is taught in schools. So, the public better understand how to behave in the media, especially social media, said New Media Watch Director Agus Sudibyo.

Agus added, media literacy, especially social media, needs to be taught when children are still elementary school, junior high school and senior high school.

Media literacy is also not sufficiently done by adhock through seminars, discussions or the like. According to Agus, social media companies have the ability to record the activity of each account holder by uploading their status, photos and videos or called user behaviour.

Where they are used to hanging out, shopping, hobbies, including outings, education and so on, it's recorded by social media when users upload it to their social media accounts. The data will be used by social media companies to reap the benefits through advertising.

70 percent of total digital ads taken by global giants, such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter or IDR 8, 4 trillion. Moreover, social media users in Indonesia are very much, so the companies are reaping many benefits from the Indonesian peoples.


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