Gadjah Mada University Get to be Host of 5th Annual Conference of Muslim World 2017

Gadjah Mada University get to be host of the 5th annual conference of the Muslim world 2017. This time, the annual academics conference held the fifth time it specifically review the relation of Muslim world with democracy.

The conference was the result of the Cooperation Department of international relations The Faculty of Social and political sciences of UGM with the Institute for religion, politics, and culture Washington College and creative learning from Washington DC. Conference will take place 18-19 September 2017 in UGM.

At least, there are six subtema which will be discussed by participants consisting of students (undergraduate/postgraduate) and academics from various countries of which are Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, and the United States. In this occasion, take part held discussions learning opportunities in the United States and England.

The Chairman of the Committee for The 5th Annual Conference on the Muslim World Yunizar Aiputera said, the selection of topics this democracy is not without reason. He assesses, selection of topics because of Islam and democracy is often thought of as two entities which are mutually contradictory.

It's so interesting topics to be researched over the needs of re-evaluating the relationship between the two, Indonesia is a suitable place see the phenomenon further, considering that Indonesia is a democratic country with the largest Muslim population in the of the world, "said Yunizar, Monday (18/9)

The Conference is expected to deepen the probe so the various topics in the study of Islam and democracy. The activity is divided into so six panels with topics such as the dark side of democracy, Islam, and politics, Muslims as a minority, Islam and democracy, identity politics and ideology and the consolidation of democracy.

The Conference also will present Prof. Muqtedar Khan from the University of Delaware as a key speaker. Muqtedar will convey his views on Islam and democracy after the Arab Spring on Monday (18/9) night and will opened by Saman Dance from Sanggar Seni Aceh from Gadjah Mada University.

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