5 Activities that Teacher Must Do Before Starting Lesson

Teaching in the classroom is not only related to the activity of delivering subjects from teacher to students. More than that, the teacher must know what the steps of activities that must be done from the beginning to the end of learning. Before entering into the delivery of subjects, there are some activities that must be done by the teacher. This activity is commonly referred to as pre-learning activities. One of the main reasons why teachers are required to prepare RPPs first before conducting classroom learning activities is that teachers are not confused about what activities they should perform, including pre-learning activities.

In fact, there are still many teachers who are not systematic in the implementation of learning activities. For example, activities that should be done at the end of the lesson are actually done at the beginning of the lesson. Therefore, it is important to know or just to recall what activities should be done before the teacher entered the core activities of learning.

1. Say Greeting

Saying a greeting is the first time a teacher has to do when he is in class and sits in a teacher's seat. This activity should be done regularly and should not be abandoned. Saying greetings to students is one way teachers in internalize the value of decency and religiosity to students by giving them an understanding of the meaning and essence of giving and answering greetings.

2. Pray

The second activity after the salutation is to pray. Teachers can appoint one of the students, such as the class leader, to lead prayers together so that learning goes smoothly and the knowledge gained will be useful. It would be better if the teacher gives further explanation why every start of the lesson should pray first, why pray is important, and what is the meaning and essence of actual prayer.

3. Absent

After salutation and prayer, the third activity that the teacher should do before entering at the core of learning is to attend students. Besides as part of the data used to evaluate student learning outcomes at the end of the semester, attendance is also useful to improve student discipline in following learning. Imagine if there is no absenteeism, students should be self-absorbed in following the learning, because they think anyway skipping will not be a problem because there is no absence and the teacher also does not know about it. In addition, attendance is also useful to closer patterns of interaction and communication between the teachers and students because the longer course teachers will memorized by the names and figures of students, even the characteristics of each student.

4. Apperception

What is apperception? Apperception at its core is the teacher's attempt to link the previous lesson material with the subject matter to be studied. Apperception also means the effort made by the teacher to make the lesson material that has been studied previously becomes more meaningful in the student's life by contextualizing it with daily life.
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Apperception departs from the basic assumption that the subject matter has continuity and interconnectedness. Therefore, apperception becomes important to bridge the students' understanding to obtain a thorough knowledge of the material that has been studied and that will be studied.

There are many apperception techniques that teachers can apply, starting with questions, demonstrating activities that stimulate students' curiosity, and so on. The key is that teachers should really have good material mastery. It is impossible for the teacher to apersepsi if he does not understand the material already and will be taught to his students.

5. Explain Learning Objectives

Every action must have a purpose. It is a sameness that we do activities that are not clear purpose. Clarity of learning objectives (clarity) should be included in each lesson plan that they make and must convey before starting the learning activities on that day.

The five activities that the teacher should do before starting the lesson as described above are the early part of the lesson that is important for every teacher to know. Remembering my experience during a micro-teaching session, many of my student friends still often miss one of the five activities above, most of which are usually prayer and absenteeism. Especially now the government open opportunities for teachers of non-educational scholars, then I hope the above description can be useful for anyone who wants to diving profession as a teacher.

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