SHARE Scholarship 2017 from European Union and ASEAN has been Opened

The European Union (EU) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations
(ASEAN) invites students in Southeast Asia to apply for a fourth-year SHARE scholarship program.

The scholarships are offered for studying at universities in Southeast Asia or Europe for one semester during the period December 2017 through August 2018.

Secretary general of the community socio-cultural ASEAN vongthep arthakaivalvatee, said the scholarship is the result of special cooperation between ASEAN and the European Union. Aim to empower student achievement in order to achieve a career that they select the well as to Exchange understanding and experience.

"The effective system of higher education regional centralized on a stronger scholarships scheme for students is a key element in promoting connectedness the community," said vongthep in Jakarta, Thursday (14/9/2017).

The increase of student mobility become the most priority of ASEAN and has been set in the work ASEAN work plan in the field of study period 2016-2020. It also contained in the declaration of Kuala Lumpur for higher education in the 2015 ago.

Meanwhile, Eu Ambassador to ASEAN, Francisco Fontan, adding that the ASEAN scholarship program and the collaboration of the European Union is setting up 500 scholarships for students in Southeast Asia.

"This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students in Southeast Asia. In Europe, Erasmus+ program has provided us with learning over the past 30 years about how important it is to study abroad for individual career development in building a regional community," Fontan said.

One of the second SHARE scholarship recipients, Normawati Susanto, said that student exchange is not about sitting in the classroom and learning and transferring the grade. More than that, he added, it's about the opportunity to meet new people and learn about their culture.

"That way we can understand ourselves so we can be more respectful and even more wise," said Diponegoro University student of Semarang who had the opportunity to study at Mandalay University of Myanmar.

This year SHARE scholarship registration officially opened on Wednesday (13/09/2017) yesterday and will be closed on Friday (10/11/2017). In this fourth period there are 175 scholarships provided for students in ASEAN.

Further information regarding the requirements and procedures for enrollment of these scholarships can be accessed through the page.

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