Short Motivation if You Want to be an Online Author

At the beginning we choose to write is to pour out the heart, ideas, and tell stories, certainly never occurred in our mind that later will there is someone who say that we are a writer.

Continuing from a hobby, indirectly we will choose a community that based our interest, fellow writers or at least follow the dynamic movement of authorship. The further our love for writing, the next choice is what kind of writing we like. Poetry, fiction and reality, opinion, and other types.

Continue to self-study to make our writing better by reading and changing for a step ahead at each stage according to our abilities.

Literature! This is it, after we enter the literacy room. Will definitely meet with literature. Not easy to understand but also not as difficult as imagined.

We will begin to be surrounded by imagination, diction, praise, the rules of the game, the understanding of the straightforward meaning and the level to the higher level.

Just keep up with the progress of entering the literary groups to gain knowledge from senior even language and literature experts who become a senior group.

Do not think that the online author is a person who is less work, just see open eyes and hearts, many senior author who voluntarily guide while sharing criticism also good quality and very useful work.

Make love with full love and prove it with a better work. Because if we love, surely we will give the best for our beloved and sincere love will not be broken by shortcomings, short thought, prejudice, also ego to feel more than others. Above the sky there is the sky and always remember the science of rice.

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