The Importance of Empathy and Critical Thinking in Social Media

The freedom of opinion and expression in cyberspace should be balanced with ethics and responsibility. However, what happens today is just the opposite. Many content of social media violates social norm and law. The words that are uploaded often contain hate and don't consider the right and feeling other.

As reported by, Secretary General of Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB Foundation) M Farhan said that every individual who use the social media need to have critical thinking and empathy. Critical thinking can be built by tracing further information and profiling. In addition, empathy also should not be abandoned.

Farhan also said that the speed of a finger to share content on social media needs to be balanced with the willingness to seek the complete information.

Do not doubt to do an in-depth search of an information to see what's really going on. He exemplify an incorrect child haircut posted on social media by his friend. It could be a post that became a mockery material after share on the social media and make the child a victim of abuse.

In addition, we also need empathy by thinking about what happens if we are in someone else's position.

If it is uncomfortable, it does not need to be shared on social media, even if it is a fact. "The last new open will. From the data, I know and feel, then I have to do something. That is critical thinking in the right place," he said.

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