The Important of Financial Literacy Education for Kids

Financial literacy education is very necessary to educate humans who are aware and understand how to manage their finances wisely and according to needs. What is Financial Literacy? Financial literacy is the ability to understanding the knowledge and skills to manage the financial resources to achieve well-being.

Financial literacy education should be given as early as possible to the kids of preschool ag, especially on and elementary school. With an introduction to the knowledge of financial literacy early on will make kids accustomed to managing their finances well and properly in the future.

Financial literacy education is still very rarely performed, both in the sphere of family or school. Granting of education about financial literacy is still not carried out seriously and planned.

Discuss everything about money to the child is something that is considered less good in our society. That's why the knowledge, attitudes, and skills about the financial health of the family haven't got enough servings on primary and secondary education curriculum.

Therefore, there is a view that financial literacy is not a life skill that must be provided to a child. Education of financial literacy in kids is not just the introduction of money.

Education of financial literacy in kids is a concept about the introduction of financial management wisely and able to control financial expenditure by distinguishing which is the need and which is just a desire.

Financial management habits need to be instilled early on. If students have been educated about financial literacy early on, they will be accustomed and more easily manage their finances, including saving the money.

When students are aware of the benefits of a custom save diligently, then the greater the benefit to their future. Although it looks simple, but the long term effects will be very pronounced.

Financial literacy is a condition of a person who has knowledge and understanding of finance. Increase your financial literacy to meet financial goals, increasing wealth, protecting wealth and pass down wealth to the next generation.

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