The Story of Jacob Oetama's Life Journey

Do you know Kompas newspaper? Gramedia Bookstore? Sonora Radio, or Bobo Child Magazine? If the answer is "yes", it mean you also know who the most important figure in the establishment of these companies, namely Jakob Oetama.

Founder of Kompas Newspaper. Jakob Oetama was born in Borobudur, Magelang, 27 September 1931, he was a journalist and co-founder of Kompas newspaper. Jakob is the son of a retired teacher in Sleman, Yogyakarta. After graduating from high school (Seminary) in Yogyakarta, he taught at SMP Mardiyuwana (Cipanas, West Java) and SMP Van Lith Jakarta. In 1955, he became editor of the Penabur weekly in Jakarta. Jakob then continued his studies at the Public University of Jakarta and the Faculty of Social Politics UGM Yogyakarta. Jakob's journalism career began when he became editor of the Sower Weekly of 1956. In April 1961, Ojong invited Jakob to create a new magazine called Digest, the essence of the development of world science and technology. The monthly magazine The first digest of August 1963.

Together with P.K OJONG, Jacob Oetama in 1963 founded the essence magazine. The magazine is oriented to a US-reader's digest magazine. Further success stories essence followed by establishing a daily newspaper called KOMPAS. This happened in 1965, during which Indonesia was in the midst of a frenzy by the threat of revolt of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI).

From this Kompas development, then stand up business group KOMPAS GRAMEDIA. Gramedia is the name used to label members of the bookstore business. Until now the group of compass gramedia under the control of Jacob Oetama has expanded its wings in various business fields. Including managing the hotel business and also took part in the world of television journalism.

In the realm of media, Jakob gait undoubtedly. In 2003, by Universitas Gajah Mada (UGM), he was awarded a Doctorate Honoris Causa to his consistency in developing the Indonesian press. In addition, he is also known as a successful and wealthy businessman.

As a journalist, Jakob associate with journalists such as Adinegoro, Parada Harahap, Thursday Pari, Mochtar Lubis, and Rosihan Anwar. "In journalistic matters, Ojong is my teacher, besides Mochtar Lubis and Rosihan Anwar," he said. In Jakob's eyes, Ojong is strong in the field of humanities and strong in the principles of progress values. Mochtar Lubis is a brave and firm figure in principle, while Rosihan Anwar is strong in human affairs. The Essence magazine was then reinforced by Jakob-Ojong friends from Yogyakarta such as Swantoro and J Adisubrata. Following then Indra Gunawan and Kurnia Munaba. (Read on page 34)

Jacob also active in various organizations at home and abroad. Some of them had been Secretary-General of the Indonesian Journalists Union (PWI), Members of the House of Representatives of the Press Group, Founders and Members of the Council of the Indonesian National News Agency, Members of the PWI Advisory Council, Federation Internationale Des Editeurs De Journaux (FIEJ) Members of the International Alumni Association East West Honolulu, Hawaii. (Read on page 33).

This book not only invites you to recognize Jakob closer and whole. Moreover, this book tries to present the little secrets Jakob has in "getting around in life". When opening the pages of this book, we are invited to explore a journey of life from a Jakob Oetama.

The book by the author who was born in Jepara, on December 30, 1989 is to be read to the end. The story of Jacob Oetama's life journey is full of lessons that can be applied in our daily lives. This biography must be read by prospective Indonesian journalists who want to pursue the field of journalism. In addition, this book can also be read by any circle as a reference in pioneering a media that has a characteristic

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