The Three Pillars of Education

When we hear the word "education", what come in our brain is the school. Our understanding about education are confused and obscured by only assume that education is only school. School education considered all-everything and determine the success of a people's life. In fact, school education is one of the three pillars of education, in addition of family education and environmental education.

According to Paulo Freire, education is the process humanization. The educated people expected to be aware their role and function. So, education not just about score, but which more basic is the value, character and attitude. About how educated people has values, strong character and good attitude.

For a long time, educated people is considered if he/she completed the level of formal education as school -start from Elementary school to college. Certificate be used as an indicator and the parameters of one's ability.Certificate has a value of a very fantastis and everything, many peoples who certified but not represent the expertise in accordance with their certificate. Education which based certificate easily manipulated.

Such as explanation above, that education has three pillars; family, school and the environment. From the three pillars of education, family who has a most portion of the time. And mother is first school for a child. Family who is able to build child character and personality. If the family education good and maximum, child will be more stable and confidence to face the future.

in Japan, there is a special schoo for womans who want to get married. At this school taught a variety of expertise as a wife and mother, like how to serving husband and how to grow and educating children. it shows how important the family as first education for a child. Teacher salaries at preschool and kindergarten school in Japan is much larger than the primary school teachers, junior high school, senior high school, even the University. Because when preschool and kindergarten, teacher should really have the ability and high competence in educate their students. This age is Golden age for character buildig.

The second pillars of education is the community education. Community education is a form of concrete education, because people practice directly with the community. Education which formed by the community has greatly affect for the people's character. If the situation and conditions of community is flat, it will make someone has less willpower. But if the community and the environment challenging, it will teach resistance and immunity and strong willpower people.

The last pillars of education is school education. School education has the shortesttime when compared with two pillars of education above. But the school is a pillar of education which the most prestigious and most 'rewarded'. Indeed, when compared with two pillars of education above, school education more structured, systematic and has a clear indicator. School education as if to be something "waw". People calledas educated if he/she go to school.

The three pillars of education both has an ideal role and contribution to build the character. If someone fail in a single pillar of education, there will be an imbalance. If the school 'only' gives intellectual intelligence, it must be equipped with other intelligences such as social, spiritual, character and others intelligences. And it can be found in the education of families and communities that we often set aside.

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