Things that the child inherited from parents

There is proverb said that 'fruit fall not far from the tree, which means the child has personality and behavior not much different from their father or mother. similarly, if you have children. it turns out, in addition to bring down the things in genetics, child will also be inherited what you do.

In psychology, there is term modeling, which means that children learn from the environment by way of observations and imitation. And the environment nearby definitely is a family or her parents. Child will see how to parents talk and respond to something. It started early childhood.

Psychologists of Southern Methodist University who also author of the book parenting: a dynamic perspective, George Holden, Ph.D. revealed that when parents see the behavior of a particular on child, they should ask it to their own self. Because in some cases, the arrival of child behavior is from parents.

Someone might think that parents just down the nature and character to the child's only through genes, but in child development, external input or environmental exactly many influential in the early stages of the child character building.

Is in fact we can herding children to behave or like certain things according to the parent's wish? It is true. Margaret tresch Owen, PhD. Director of the Center for Children and families the University of Texas revealed that the parents can show anything where child should learn it, but cannot impose whether the child would love it back or not.

For example, you want that your child to be a doctor, then you introduce a variety of things about the field. In its development later, the parent cannot impose the will of the child must be a doctor because the decision remains on the part of child, especially if he is indeed interested in anything else.

This also occur both of positive and negative behavior. So, as parents, you should also be careful in behave from now.

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