10 Great Tips to Encourage Your Children to Read

"How do we invite our children to love reading?" Hmm, an interesting and important question to answer.

My answer at that time was, "Parents should set an example by diligently reading in front of their children. There is a family reading event, where each member comes together and reads their favorite books. Children are often invited to play to bookstores and browse their favorite books. Finally, told a fairy tale by reading it directly so that children are interested to learn on their own. "

As parents, we may teach our children how to read, but not necessarily we give an example to him to love to read.

By accident, I found an interesting app on Apple iTunes titled "Reading for Kids. 100 Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Read. " This tip instantly makes my idea grow. Apparently a lot of small and light activity that can be done to form a habit. And here are some interesting tips that I get from the application plus sharing from me personally.

1. Go to the Zoo or Circus, then find a book about animals that your child has just seen.

The kids love to go to the zoo and they will keep telling what they see along the way. After returning home, go to the bookstore and find the best animal he like. Rest assured your child will be happy to read the book.

2. If the child sees something interesting on TV, find a book about it.

There are times when your child is watching TV and is interested in how the eclipse occurs, so look for a book that covers the topic. Because interest arises from the child, chances are he will love to read and want to know more about topics that interest him.

3. Tell the child of the book you just read.

Read an interesting section of the book and put it in a place that your child can reach if he wants to read it for himself.

Sometimes our child also wants to know the books his parents read. Why not tell your child? It also trains us as parents to summarize the book simply in a language that is easy for the child to understand. Not only that, children also have a great curiosity and he will try to find out why his parents read the book.

4. Read a favorite book and repeat it often.

Your child will learn about the story and start learning about why reading is important and interesting.

Repetition creates a powerful effect in your child's memory. They will remember the activity and want to repeat it by reading the book that brought it to the memory of the past.

5. Always answer your child's questions.

Listen carefully and patiently what he asks and answer with great interest and patience as well. If necessary, take your child to a bookstore or library to find answers to his questions. You can also do activities together like finding answers to these questions in encyclopedias, dictionaries or google browsing with the child.

6. Buy a book as a birthday gift for your child's best friend.

Let your child choose the book that will be used as a gift to his best friend. He will learn the book is a useful thing for the people closest to him.

7. When you have free time with the child, tell a story to him.

After you have finished telling, tell your child to tell a story he wants to tell. This process will build closeness between children and parents as well as invite both to love reading before you can tell new stories.

8. Create a list of books your child has and stick them in the fridge and mark the finished book.

Give your child an opportunity to put an asterisk on every book he has finished reading. It provides a "sense of accomplishment" and encourages the child to read over and over again.

9. Never force your child to read or finish a book that he does not like.

This will give a bad experience and make it hate to read. Let him find out what he likes and get to read those things.

10. If a child sees you reading a book and enjoys it, they will also be interested.

As a parent, show that you are fond of reading and making it an interesting and routine activity. Children will imitate what their parents do especially if they see their parents enjoying the books they read.

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Apparently not difficult to invite children love to read. There are many simple activities that we can do to get kids to read. If you often do that in childhood, then when they grow up they will become people who like to read.

And more importantly, they will view reading as a fun activity and provide an opportunity to explore new things.

*Adapted from muhammadnoer.com

Do you have any other tips? Share your comments and opinions!

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