What Should We Learn from The Library of Congress?

America is very concerned about the development of science. The Library of Congress building is the largest library in the world. It has a collection of over 100 million books from different countries and languages. Every year the target of collecting books around the world as many as 1 million books.

It is awesome, US very aggressive to make the country as a Center of science development. If you type "library" keyword in Google, you will find Library of Congress on the top result position. Look at the image of building, look at the facilities, and open features on the official website, read also category collection.

For the books and science lovers, can be sure will say “wow”. This is heaven of science. Various types of books, journals, magazines, newspapers, and paper in different languages available with a neat and safe. Not to mention famous campus library like Harvard University, Yale University, California University, Chicago University, and others.

Back to the Library of Congress, America's passion for the development of Science must be imitated. Do not look at this Trump's country is only seen from the eyes of political power, do not just stop at their society lifestyle. See how this country built the pillars of civilization by continuing to pay attention to the knots of science. Many experts in the countries around the world graduated from prestigious schools in America.

America's ambition of continuing to collect books and journals of the paper version published by various institutions in the world, especially Indonesia shows how this country has an awareness that to make the progress need enough references. To be the center of world civilization must be willing to collect literature from various sources as much as possible.

Therefore, it seems we should imitate that America deserves to be the role model in the development of science. In addition to having a vision of how to develop knowledge, they also diligently scavenge intellectual works around the world to then be documented and become the legacy of civilization nation.

Adapted from Thobib Al-Ashtar's essay.

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