6 Methods of Homeschooling Education

Gather all the information and family experiences that have decided to apply homeschooling for their children.

There are several methods that you can recognize in the application of homeschooling, as summarized by Kompas.com from various sources below.

1. The classic method of homeschooling

The first stage of this method begins when students learn how to learn and hone the ability to remember things. The next stage, there is a connection that began to be created from the facts that have been studied. The third stage, when the student can already use the connection of the facts, can formulate and articulate the fact with his own opinion.

This method is good to use if you want to:

a. structured;
b. have a desire to evaluate how your child is learning based on academic standards;
c. see the value of education that places a priority on written words, both in reading and writing;
d. want to concentrate on western classical literature as a tool for developing critical thinking;
e. have an academically oriented child

2. Charlotte Mason Method

Charlotte Mason is an English educator whose method of teaching uses a unique method. Many homeschoolers use this method to teach their sons and daughters. Why?

a. the lesson is relatively short;
b. create narratives (in written or spoken form depending on the age of the child);
c. have an exam (the test is done taking a theory that has been studied for 12 weeks);
d. learning images;
e. learning music;
f. learning maps,
g. has many subject lessons

3. Computer based method

Homeschooling methods using computers are becoming more popular. There are increasing varieties of how students use computers as their homeschooling medium. The curriculum using a computer has a CD or DVD as the ingredients. In addition, it can also take free classes online. So, the child is freed to choose what they likes.

Some advantages of using computer based homeschooling:

a. see the value of using modern technology and have no excessive concern in its use;
b. must find a way to not get involved in the day-to-day process. However, you should always be there if needed to provide general assistance and guidance;
c. must have a child who likes to work with speed and use the computer.

4. Electrical method

In this method parents tend to use various homeschooling methods that depend on the needs of child. Rather than being hampered by a single philosophy or a method, it is better to take a few of the various methods.

However, this method is general and well implemented if you:

a. do not mind looking for material that fits your child's interests;
b. do not mind following styles and sequences and are not happy to merge some curricula;
c. view values ​​using different curricula and homeschooling methods. Because by looking at many homeschooling methods you can choose the best method for your child;
d. have a flexible child in learning.

5. Textbook method or traditional school

A model-based homeschooling method on the traditional idea of ​​a school using workbooks or textbooks. Learning by using books used in schools reduces the potential gap between lessons learned by students.

This method is well implemented if you:

a. want your child to learn the same material taught in school;
b. learn how to learn at school and your child wants to do it;
c. want your child to answer the questions well like fill in the dots below or puzzles;
d. this method has a definite idea of ​​what content your child wants to learn.

6. Independent method or self study

In independent homeschooling method, parents help children to learn how to learn, then gradually the child will use reading, writing, arithmetic tools alone. Parents are not present to teach, but rather to help children in the process of developing confidence so that children can learn on their own.

This method works if you:

a. want your child to develop the ability to learn on their own;
b. seeing your child develop good learning skills in addition to your engagement.

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