The Three Magical Words in Our Life

These three magic words are words that have enormous meaning and effects in life. In life, we need to socialize with others. In socializing we have a code of ethics that we need to consider in order to establish a good relationship. These three magic words are light to say, but very rarely of us say them even many people ignore them.

What are those three magic words? Yes. Sorry, please, and thank you. These three words seem simple and very familiar to our ears. But these three words have tremendous power and possess a positive force in building good social relationships between people. These three words can also tie the bonds together, closer social relationships apart, can also alleviate disputes as well as differences of opinion.


The word "sorry" is actually very easy to pronounce, but our egos are sometimes difficult to extract this word. Many of us are prestigious to say this word. Why? Usually because we are reluctant to admit our own mistakes and also because of the prejudice of ourselves to others.

We should know that our human nature is "nobody is perfect". In this phrase it has the meaning that we will always do wrong and false that we realize or without us realize. From here, apology is very important in life when we do wrong, or just as an act of worry we have done the problem. In social life between humans, this word is very important to practice to be a humble soul and also not arrogant.


Expressing this word is still about our ego. Sometimes we are proud to say this word. We feel we can do everything ourselves without the help of others. We have a principle that we must live "independently". Do we forget our nature as a social being? As social beings we can not live without the help of those around us. From here we should be aware of our limitations and weaknesses.

We need to know with the word, people we ask for help will feel more happy and no coercion. With the word "please" will be more gentle and appreciate the others who we ask for help from them. In contrast to the phrase that without this word, it seem less appreciative and impressed force.

Thank you

This third word has enormous and vital power in social life. This word we usually say to those who give gifts or when they give us help when trouble. Never forget and be reluctant to say thank you to those who have given us something, help, or anything that is beneficial to us.

This expression is a form of our appreciation to those who provide help. Giving the award of the material is good, but will be more meaningful when accompanied by gratitude. Of course with the expression of gratitude will make who receive it feel happy and give encouragement to him to continue to do good. But this thank you is hard to say because it needs sincerity.

Thus, the three words are "three magical words" as well as ethics in communicating as well as a means to educate ourselves into a humble and kind person. Let us try to easily say these three words in our lives. With our respect for others, we have honored ourselves and will be appreciated by others as well. Let us create a life of mutual respect.

Author: Desy Sulistyaningsih at

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