7 Simple Steps to Get Happy Life Everyday

Happiness can be born from gratitude that never ends with God. Happy is simple, for people who have a sense of sensitivity to be able to feel it.

Happy is something abstract but it is the goal of every human life. Who doesn't want to be happy? Of course everyone wants to be happy. But God created everything in pairs, if there is happiness, so there is suffering.

Happiness and difficulty are part of the human life. Many people whose lives are always filled with complaints after complaints, as if happy so far from his life.

Well, these are simple things that can make you happy that you can try to practice in your life.

1. If you feel sad because of a problem, tell yourself that it will only be temporary and will stay away soon.

You don't need to worry that the problem will settle in your life for years. Isn't the portion of grace from Allah Almighty. what is given to us is greater and we have enjoyed it in a longer time than the test He gave.
Make friends with optimistic and positive people. If you are in an environment where only a group of people feel miserable and complain all the time, you must avoid yourself before their habit spreads to you.

2. In worldly matters, look down, don't just look up. Look often at people whose lives are harder and poorer than you, don't see and compare your current living conditions with others who are richer, more popular, or higher than you.

You will never be happy or satisfied with life if you always see the people above you. There will always be people who are more successful, richer, and more beautiful. But if you have a roof over your head, clothes on your body, food in your kitchen, you have family and friends who care about you, then actually you are luckier than you think. Be thankful for what is there, and don't be too busy worrying about what doesn't exist.

3. Allow more time to be outdoors than in the room.

You can't spend hours in front of a PC or laptop in your room. By providing more portions for activities on the ground and socializing, it makes your life run well and normally, not stagnant and monotonous. You have to get out! To just walk down the street with a friend, ride a bicycle, or coffee break together.

4. Try to not easily justify negatively about something before you really know it for sure.

Because you might misjudge and instead your negative judgment backfires yourself. Be an open minded person for new activities and new opportunities. Don't prejudice negatively, you never know until you try it.

5. Don't be an over-analysis person.

When you feel smart, intellectual, and even a philosopher, it does not mean that you have to get surgery with your intellectual analysis knife. Share your joy with your family and friends. They are people who make your life colorful. Especially family. When you are hungry, when you fail, when you are sick, when you are desperate, they are sent by God to give you shelter and endure all kinds of trials. They are people who will make you sad and get worse when you lose them. They are a gift from Allah Almighty. which is very valuable for our lives.

According to Mr. Ahmad Syadii Sj, that in the view of Islam, borrowed the formulation of Al-Ghazali, everyone wants to achieve two things in his life, peace and pleasure of life. For people who are just looking for life's pleasures, there are many instruments or devices that can be searched for so that their lives are happy. However, people who live happily are not necessarily guaranteed to obtain and feel the peace of life. Because there is distance and difference between pleasure and tranquility.

According to Al-Ghazali's formulation, there are four sources of pleasure that humans can obtain in their lives, that is: knowledge (ma'rifah), health (ash-shihhah), hart wealth (al-maal), and position / rank (al- bro). While the source of peace of life is only one, the closeness of relationship with God and worship is one of the most fundamental components in building closeness with God.

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