Accepting Difficulty, When Expectation do not Match with Reality

"Accepting difficulties is a way for us to be approached with ease, because only difficulties can encourage us to be willing to practice. Furthermore, that exercise is the bridge that bring us to ease." - Lenny Sofian - The counselor

Like a boat that sails, then a strong wind comes to swell the boat, all of them can feel fear, anxiety, even nausea, weakness, and various other feelings, as well as the pressure of problems coming into our lives. We seem to be shaken, various feelings of turmoil, fear, anger, irritation, sadness. There seems to be no calm.

Even in the worst reality, believe that time is running and that there will be a time. Every Storm will definitely pass. Storm of life does not come and settle, it will leave. Even though we all have to go through all the processes.

During that process we need a belief in the midst of a situation filled with uncertainty. That belief is what we have to force in us, will also foster an expectation of what is in front of us.

Disappointed repeatedly because expectations do not match with reality.

Maybe we need to check inside ourselves. Do we hope for happiness and peace of mind in others or reality?

If YES, it is very likely that we will often experience feelings of disappointment.

The important thing we have to train in ourselves is how we manage, manage our emotions and how we respond to everything. That way we no longer put our happiness and calmness in others.

Because we cannot control what is outside us, but we can control ourselves.

Put that hope in the Creator and believe in ourselves that we will be able to get through it all. Pray and try your best, so as time goes by all will pass.

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