Age of Empires and the Illustration of Chinese Invasion

The 90s are familiar with a game on Microsoft's computer screen, Age of Empire. The game that made the addiction took the form of a strategy game to travel a nation from the dark ages to the imperialist century. From the original needs of food, clothing and residence, till efforts to obtain new resources through the conquest of other nations.

Games with such genres are lifted from the reality of the history of the nations in the world. Simplification of human behavior that forms a group, clan and then nation. It was a kind of ancient instinct, that humans had instinctively realized that groups would be better.

Once the dark ages have been surpassed, one nation realizes that they cannot live without other nations. At that time the need has increased but limited resources. Then the most rational motive arises, trading with other nations. Reciprocal relationships that bring benefits.

In this interaction, there is often a case of stronger nation to dominate the trade relations. Even invasion if possible. Loot the source directly. What is a factual example experienced by the Indonesian Nation when they were controlled by the Dutch in hundreds of years.

In the game of the Age of Empire, a nation whose civilization is developing rapidly, its resources quickly run out. That's a consequence of capitalism. In the past, just hanging from trading was clearly only one option that was 'less kicking'. Dominate the new resources must continue to be pursued.

New resources must be obtained through 'conquests'. Capitalism is the last phase of imperialism. The owner of capital inevitably has to defend it. The way is become an 'imperialist' to survive. The key word is Aggressiveness.

That old story is summarized nicely in the game Age of Empire. Even though it is only a 'simple model', it can provide a complete representation of the stages that a nation goes through.

How is today? Not much different. Clearly, the nation that looks aggressive is China and USA. They dominate trade, technology and information systems. China can mass produce commodities at low prices. USA controls technology and systems which run throughout the world.

Some things to do: make sure the mouth that is fed, even though it is many, is fulfilled; looking for new resources; the means of production must stay alive; and consumption is maintained. All these things were crushed in economic growth. Just missed one percent, the result is bad for them.

The motive is economy. But the way or entrance can be through politics. This entrance often causes friction or even war in many countries. It all starts with the desire to get new resources.

If necessary, "Proxy War". Some organizations are created not with the spirit of progress for all humans. But it becomes a medium to facilitate dominating ambitions, at least to reduce obstacles. Likewise, there are many unfavorable treaties for countries that are forced to follow it.

The positive impact are increasing investment and foreign exchange. But there are also many negatives. Foreign intervention, dependence on foreign products and consumerism.

Adapted from: #CatatanMatDogol41

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