Agile and Smart will Survive

Someone is said to be agile when he/she is able to move quickly and change the direction of his movement quickly while maintaining balance.

Linking the agility context with the company. With the current economic conditions, more and more companies are merging, joint ventures, and some are closed. So that makes fewer jobs.

Therefore we must be able to agile and adapt quickly. But what if we can't catch up with changes? The answer is simple, we will be AVOIDED. That's fact of life. Instead of us harming the company and other teams that are hampered because of us. Instead we stress and make others frustrated by our slowness.

That's why we should be able to catch up with changes. Must be willing to change, do not think that "I am great, I am a senior, experience a lot, new one know what?" Be careful if we still haven't moved on with the past and always feel great. We will be left behind. See, how many young people lead and succeed.

Natural law hasn't changed much. In the past, the strong ones survived. Now, agile & smart will survive.

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