Be a Progressive Teacher

The teacher in learning process holds a crucial position as a companion for students in growing their natural potential. Referring to the law, teachers are professional educators with the main task of educating, teaching, guiding, directing, training, and evaluating students.

However, nowadays teachers tend to focus on teaching based on intellectual aspect only, and ignore emotional and social aspects. Demanding his students to reproduce all the material from the book into his brain. Teacher does not educate children to be innovators but plagiarians.

Schools are also a place for generalization, not based on talent / ability specialization. All students are treated equally, the same standard. For example, the teacher requires all students to have high physical values ​​even though not all students are capable of physics, and so on.

Finally, the natural talents of children which are not included in the curriculum will be hidden and not develop. Even with the lowest ranking children, they will be labeled as fool and ostracized.

In the classroom, students fall into the abyss of "alienation" and unconsciousness so that they feel alienated from the real world problems. In short, educational conservatism makes students experience social stuttering. This reality ultimately drove Ivan Illich to give birth to the concept of descholarize (education without school) as an alternative to being able to progress towards revolutionary change and to expel humans from educational nihilism.

Paulo Freire, a Brazilian educator, initiating the concept of progressive education. According to Freire, teacher must consistently find and continue to look for ways that make it easier for students to see objects that must be known and eventually learned, as a problem. It is not the teacher who confines the creativity of students by practicing the "bank style" education model that limits the tasks of students to simply receive, note, and save.

The concept of "bank style" education consider students as stupid people who know nothing. The teacher fills out the "savings" knowledge and requires students to take it for granted without the slightest gap providing dialogic space.

The teacher is required to cross a pattern that is based on patron client relations. Patriarchal relationship that position the teacher as king, in order to remove the distance between teacher and student. So that both become subject, can share their experiences, be interactive, not dominative, and respect each other.

Freire emphasize education based on dialogue. It mean that as educators, teacher are required to stimulate the critical power of students by presenting problems about the conditions of renewal, then providing opportunities for them to solve it through a multi-purpose dialogue (between students and teachers). The approach used by the teacher is not memorization (just remembering what he reads), but pedagogy of knowing (education as an effort to gain knowledge).

John Dewey said that progressive teacher is a teacher who are critical in responding to the situation and conditions in the world of national and local education, while active in various community empowerment programs.

In progressivism, the teacher struggles to educate students to solve problems that always evolve in an increasingly dynamic era, and also teach students about real problems around them, so students are not caught up in conservative thinking.

In progressivism, teachers must teach how to develop their creativity to solve a problem, not just stuffing students with memorization that can curb students, inhibit creativity, and the potential that exists in students to develop. Here the teacher is only a tutor and facilitator in guiding students in solving their problems.

For example, when a student has a problem in financing, teacher and students discuss what solutions make it possible to resolve the problem and what the consequences are when the solution is chosen. So, it is true that "School is the preparation of life".

For this reason, according to Dewey, the school becomes a macrocosm of the real social world. In a sense, the material taught in schools must describe how the actual social life of children. Teachers, schools, and materials are required to unite with the reality of their students.

For example, a teacher said that the family is a unit consisting of father, mother, and child is now irrelevant. Because, in its development, many children are orphaned. If material is not relevant to reality, then there will be a gap between the reality of students' lives with the theories they learn in school.

Students attend school not for examinations (not just dynamic intelligence), but to learn to solve their life problems (life skills). Intellectual abilities (such as mathematics) can be formed in a short time, but static abilities (such as attitude ) must be formed early.

In addition, education must be based on giftedness. It mean, students who want to become entrepreneur must be trained to trade (selling) early. Even so, the instructor must be a professional, so students who aspire to become doctors will be educated as doctor early, not after being in college.

In essence, teacher-style teaching must hold the principles of, by, and for students. The teacher must let his students be free and have space to develop their potential (as long as it's positive). Thus, they feel happy, not even hate school.

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