9 Best Islamic Books New Releases in 2018

Islamophobia, Race, and Global Politics
Nazia Kazi
2018. Pp. 168. HB. $32.00
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Lanham, Md.

This book offers the powerful introduction to the scope of islamophobia in the U.S. Kazi, drawing on examples such as Barack Obama's legacy, The mainstream media's portrayal of Muslims and the justifications given for some of Washington's most recent military endeavors, highlights its vast impact and connects it to this country's long history of racism. She shows how both phenomena are simultaneously domestic and global.

Using Islamophobia as a unique case study, Kazi asks readers to consider how war and empire-building relate to racism. She discusses the Muslim Americans diverse experiences, especially how they have experienced Islamophobia, and confronts some of the misguided attempts by both Muslims and non-Muslims to tackle Islamophobia. A good example is chapter 6: US Empire's Muslim Cheerleaders.

Finding Peace in the Holy Land: A British Muslim Memoir vse in the Lauren Booth
2018. Pp. 256. HB. $26.95
PB·$17.95. Kindle $11.99
Kube Publishing Ltd., Markfield, U.K.

THE DAUGHTER OF A JEWISH MODEL AND THE TROUBLED star Lauren Booth surviveda house fire, lived through the excesseso f the 1990s as an aspiring actress, welcomed Tony Blair into her
family and twice put her life as a parentat risk to report on Palestine.
She found faith in a mosque in Iran unsure before she entered of what would happen and then sobered up, started praying and became a Sunni and a haji.

A passionately written account of her journey into Islam, Booth's memoir bears sonal quest for justice, peace and truth. It is also a testimony of why we should thank Her account also offers a look into the ravages of alcohol, that some people and witness that things happen for a purpose-her travel to Palestine sparked off a per God for whatever we experience the entire industry dismiss as matters of wrong choices.

Research Handbook on Islamic Law and Society

Nadirsyah Hosen, ed
2018. Pp. 488. HB. $225.00
Edward Elgar Publishing, Northampton, Mass.

"THE RESEARCH HANDBOOK ON ISLAMIC LAW AND SOCIETY," which presents an understanding Islamic law in practice, examines its role in Muslim and non-Muslim societies through legislation, fatwas, court cases, sermons, media and scholarly debate. Focusing on 18 contemporary case studies, the handbook contextualizes the Sharia as a versatile, rather than an unchanging, set of seventh-century Arab laws and works to demystify it. In addition to illuminating the intersection of social, political, economic and cultural factors informing Islamie law across several jurisdictions, chapters evaluate when and how people and institutions in Muslim (and sometimes Western) societies have turned to it to address their problems.

Islamic International Law: Historical Foundations and Al-Shaybani's Siyar

Khaled Ramadan Bashir
2018. Pp. 320. HB. $113.52

Edward Elgar Publishing, Northampton, Mass.

ASHIR'S ANALYSIS OF AL-SHAYBANI's AL SIYAR AL-KABIR offers a unique insight into the classic Islamic perspective on international law. This work, which fills in the gap of English language attention on this seminal work, helps widen the reader's understanding of this field.

The author's use of contemporary international law vocabulary, which enables readers to consider al-Shaybani's writing in a modern context, will be a useful and unique resource for scholars of international Islamic law. Bashir brings together and translates various historical sources to form one accessible and coherent text.

Scholars researching the origins of such public international law topics as international humanitarian law, just war, international dispute resolution, asylum and diplomacy will find this an interesting and valuable text.

The Great Exegesis: al-Tafsir al-Kabir: The Fatiha Fakhr al-Din Razi (trans. Sohaib Saeed)
2018. Pp. 470. PB. $35.87
Islamic Texts Society, Cambridge, U.K.

THIS FIRST-EVER ENGLISH TRANSLATION OF FAKHR AL DIN Razis "The Great Exegesis" (Mafätih al-Ghayb) focuses on the Fatihah. One of the great classics of Arabic and Islamic scholarship, this 12th-century commentary remains an indispensable reference work. Not only is it a compendium of Quranic sciences and meanings, but also of Arabiclinguistics, comparative jurisprudence, Aristotelian and Islamic philosophy, dialectie theology and Sufi spirituality.

This scholarly yet accessible work gives readers a thorough understanding of the Quran's most commonly recited chapter and opens a window into the thought and practice of one of Islams greatest theologians.

Modern Muslim Theology: Engaging God and the World with Faith and Imagination
Martin Nguyen
2018. Pp. 224. HB. $90.00. PB $32.00
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Lanham, Md.

THIS BOOK SEEKS TO BRING MUSLIM THEOLOGY INTO THE PRESent day. Focused on the human-divine relationship and that of faith to righteousness, the book presents a new theological vision rooted in the practice of the religious imagination. Rather than a purely academic pursuit, Nguyen argues that theology is a creative process and discusses how the Islamic tradition can help contemporary practitioners negotiate their relationships with God, each other, and the rest of creation.

The author reconceptualizes key religious ideas, symbols and rites like revelation, tradition and prayer in order to develop an engaged approach that simultaneusly fosters faith and enacts righteousness. The theological framework draws widely from Islam's intellectual and spiritual traditions.
Striving to make the work of theology accessible to all, the author employs vivid narratives and evocative images of famous religious figures, sacred sites and as of everyday life to explore and define concepts that are central for a theology of engagement.

Divine Words, Female Voices: Muslima Explorations in Comparative Feminist Theology
Jerusha Tanner Lamptey
2018. Pp. 312. HB. $74.00. Kindle. $58.39
Oxford University Press, New York, N.Y.

LAMPETY ARGUES THAT THE ISLAM-PEMINISM RELATIONSHIP is complex. This book is the follow-up to her "Never Wholly Other" (2014), in which she introduced and applied the idea of
"Muslima" theology to religious diversity Here, the author contends that interreligious feminist engagement is both a theologically valid endeavor and a vital resource for Muslima scholars. She introduces comparative feminist theology as a way to overcome challenges associated with interreligious feminist engagement, reorients comparative discussions to focus on the two Divine Words" (the Quran and Jesus) and feminist theology, and uses this reorientation to examine the intersections, discontinuities and insights related to diverse theological topics. This book is distinctive in its responsiveness to calls for new approaches in Islamic feminist theology, its employment of comparative theology, its focus on Muslim and Christian feminist theology in comparative analysis, as well as its constructive articulation of Muslima theological perspectives.

Being Muslim: A Cultural History of Women of Color in American Islam
Sylvia Chan-Malik
2018. Pp. 284. PB. $29.00
New York University Press, New York, N.Y

SYLVIA CHAN-MALIK BRINGS TO READERS AN INSIGHT INTO the resistance that all Muslimahs must engage in in the post 9/21 US. Her exploration of 20th and 21st-century Muslim American womanhood centers on the lived experience of women of color. She demonstrates the diversity and similarities among Black, Arab, South Asian, Latina and multiracial Muslimahs and how American understandings of Islam have
shifted due to the evolution of white nationalism over the past century. By borrowing from the lineages of Black and women-of-color feminism, the author offers a new vocabulary for Muslim American feminism, one that is as conscious of race, gender, sexuality and nation as it is of region and religion.

Political Islam in Tunisia: The History of Ennahda
Anne Wolf
2018. Pp. 304. HB, $40.11. PB. $22.11
C Hurst & Co Publishers Ltd., London, U.K.

WOLF RELATES THE HISTORY OF TUNISIA'S MAIN ISLAMIC movement, Ennahda, from its origins in the 1960s to the present and its being banned until the popular uprisings of 2010-11 and the overthrow of President Ben Ali's dictatorship Drawing on more than four years of field research, over 400 interviews and access to private archives, Wolf both relates the evolution of Ennahda's ideological and strategic orientations within changing political contexts and explores the challenges it faces from both secularists and Salafis.
This contribution to the literature on Tunisia, Islamic movements and political Islam in the Arab world will be of interest to those who want to understand the forces driving a key player in the country most hopeful of pursuing a post-Arab Spring democratic trajectory.

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