12 Tips to Build Reading Motivation

Reading is not a spontaneity or activity that can be done just like that or simply. Reading requires special knowledge and expertise so that reading activities can be useful for people who read. The low reading interest of the community is caused by the low motivation to read, in addition to the low of reading skills. The following are 12 tips to motivate reading interest and build reading motivation from Dr. Arief Rachman, M.E.d.

1. Respond positively to curiosity attitudes, with attitudes that encourage improvement in reading skills. This must be done continuously as part of effective reading exercises.

2. Must know the momentum. When doing something we like, for example other interests or hobbies that require seriousness or concentration, don't force yourself to read. Interest in reading must appear on when we really want to read.

3. Able to satisfy certain needs. Reading materials that fit your needs will usually be more interesting and encourage people to read. Usually people will feel satisfied if they get answers or solutions about something they are looking for.

4. Reading is related to aspirations. To be more motivated, people usually choose reading materials which in accordance with their aspirations.

5. Embed the thought that reading can also increase your power. A lot of reading is useful to increase energy so that someone will be passionate in carrying out what he think. By reading, he will have many ideas that can be worked on so that
can bring up a creative attitude.

6. Reward system. Give a stimulating gift so people are motivated and eventually get used to reading. Do not give reward or gift that actually make people lazy to read.

7. Organize your family well. If children or family members want to be motivated to read, collect interesting reading material at home. An interesting collection of books or magazines at home, directly or indirectly, will motivate family members to read.

8. Embed the thought that reading is a necessity to achieve success by giving a lot of inspiration both spiritual, emotional, and psychological.

9. Make reading activities an entertainment. For that, we must know how to read the right so that reading becomes an entertaining activity, not even stressful.

10. There must be guidance when someone, especially children, have started reading hobbies. This is done to avoid bad things that will instead destroy children's reading habits.

11. Embed the idea that reading can make someone different from other, both in speaking, give an opinion, and writing. They always use references from the sources that they read before. This will greatly affect the performance.

12. Build the independence through reading, because of people those who read a lot always have a dialogue with what they read and relate it to the reality of everyday life.

Twelve techniques above can be taken to build reading motivation. I am very confident that motivation contains extraordinary motivation, which can encourage someone to act.

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