Character Education to Complete Personality

At first, we are born only bring personality. In general, there are 4 types of human personality and there are many theories that use different terms and some even use color, but the pattern remains the same. In general, there are 4 human personality:

1. Choleric: his type is characterized by a person who likes independence, firm, fiery, likes challenges, boss over himself.

 2. Sanguine: this type is characterized by being practical, happy and cheerful always, likes surprises, loves social activities and has fun.

3. Plegmatic: this type is characterized as like to cooperate, avoid conflict, do not like sudden changes, good friends talk, like things that are certain.

4. Melancholy: this type is characterized by likes to detail, save anger, perfectionist, likes clear instructions, routine activities are very preferred.

Personality is not a character. Everyone has different personalities. Now from these 4 personalities, each of these personalities has their own weaknesses and advantages.

For example the koleris type is identical to people who speak "rude" and sometimes do not care, personal sanguins that are often difficult to be invited to be serious, plegmatis often difficult to be invited to step certain and seem passive, melancholy stuck with a personal dilemma "yes" in the mouth and "no" in the heart, and tend to be perfectionist in the details of life and this is what sometimes makes others quite troublesome.

We cannot choose our personality, personality is a gift from the creator when we born. And every person who has a personality must have weaknesses and strengths in every aspect of their social and personal lives.

For example, a pure koleris but very polite in conveying opinions and instructions to others, a person who is capable of carrying himself to be serious in situations that require calm and attention focus. That is character. 

When we learn to overcome and correct weaknesses, and bring out new positive habits, this is what is called character.

Character education is the provision of views on various types of life values, such as honesty, intelligence, caring and others. And that is the choice of each individual that needs to be developed and needs to be nurtured from an early age.

Characters cannot be inherited, characters cannot be bought, and characters cannot be exchanged. Character must be built and developed consciously, day by day through a process that is not instant. Character is not something innate that cannot be changed again like fingerprints.

Many people with bad characters tend to blame their situation. They often said that the way they were raised is wrong, financial difficulties, treatment of others, or other conditions that make them what they are today. It is true that in our lives we have to face many things beyond our control, but your character is not. Your character is always the result of your choice.

You have the potential to become a person of character, try it. Character, more than anything and will make you a person who has added value. Character will protect everything that you value in this life.

Everyone is responsible for his character. You have complete control over your character, meaning you cannot blame others for your bad character because you are fully responsible. Developing character is your personal responsibility.

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