Your heart is how you choose your way of life

Every wound will have a period of healing, even though it requires time and crying. And for each broken heart, it will reunite and be attached, even though it must begin with pain and deep sense of self, sometimes it will become stronger than before. All will experience one or both, without exception.

Just be happy, at every fail and pain that you have ever felt, on every burden you have ever carried with yourself or together. In the end you know that God never left you. God gives you a break to feel the bitterness of the world first, whats wrong with putting hope in it. So that you know and will not repeat the same mistakes, and as a reminder where the calm place and puts all hope again, when you go back wrongly walk the road. He just wants to teach you that medicine, happiness, and healing come from Him.

Not with the world we can get the happiness. Not in half of the heart, sakinah mawaddah warohmah will be embedded in the frame of life. Which guarantees your heart's happiness in a narrow and airy time, when the world approaches or moves away, in its own time or together, is the distance between you and Allah. The best guarantor and return place.

Having a heart is a certainty, but making it happy, reviving it, softening it, and arranging it is a choice. Your heart, is how you choose your way of life.

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