Egoistic and Survival Instinct

Egoistic people are often hated by their environment. They are people who are only self-interested. If necessary, the interests of others are violated, so that they can get benefit from it. All moral and philosophical teachings, directly or indirectly, condemn egoistic.

If we look deeper, everyone is basically an egoistic creature. They think of their own and family interests first, then the interests of other. This happen because egoistic is an important element of the survival instinct. Without this instinct, people, even species, will disappear into the law of universal change.

On the other hand, without a critical attitude and common sense, egoistic will destroy life together. Conflict and war will not stop, because people only think of their own interests. Solidarity between thinning creatures, even disappeared altogether. This is what seems to hit many places in the world today.

A true egoistic person is very concerned about his safety. However, he also aware, that he will not be able to survive, if the people around him live in poverty and suffering. He is very aware, that the existence of everything is interdependent with each other. If people want to survive, they must think about the interests of the surrounding environment.

The interests of society are in my interests too. If the community is destroyed, then my family and I are also destroyed. If nature is broken, then my life is also threatened. This is true egoistic mindset.

Therefore, if you are an egoistic person, be a true egoistic person. What is actually dangerous is a half-egoistic person. They do not realize that environmental interests as a whole which also in their interests. As a result, they easy to destroy the nature and other's life. This is the most dangerous thing on earth today.

In the political sphere, egoism is transformed into corruption. Money and position are used to enrich themselves and their families. Various programs and projects are done not for the benefit of society, but to steal public money. The word "development" became flawed. It became an attempt to cheat and steal people's money by hiding behind beautiful slogans.

Egoistic attitude is also easily found in the business world. Indeed, economics and business are only a matter of fulfilling human physical needs. However, today, both of them seem to turn out to be the most important elements in life. Moreover, in a capitalist economic system, the profitability as big as possible is the most important element of all economic and business actions.

Why are people being egoostic? Self preservation is certainly the main reason. However, the deepest basis of egistic is fear. People feel afraid, if they are trapped in poverty and failure. So, he did everything for the greatest of both, even if it harmed other people or orgnism.

Fear comes from misunderstandings about life. If people think of themselves as a small piece of flesh and blood in front of this infinite universe, fear is inevitable. Conversely, if he understands, who he really is, then the fear will naturally disappear. This is where the notion of true egoistic is important to understand.

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