The Essence of Education in the Broad Meaning

The essence of education is life. Life is all part of education. In essence, education is a series of learning experiences that do not recognize the limits of space and time, the learning process that takes place in all places and lifetime. The essence of education is all conditions and situations, which have implications for the growth and development of life.

Education has existed since the existence of humans in this earth. Education continues to run, full of dynamics, and continue to process without waiting for the final agreement on what is the essence of education. The many different views regarding the nature of education, does not necessarily stop the education process itself.

The environment in which education takes place is unlimited. Both the environment that is consciously and deliberately made for education as schools, and the environment that does exist naturally.

Whatever we learn from the environment in life, everything is education. Education occurs anywhere, anytime, in patterns, institutions, and in various forms.

The essence of the period of education is the same as the lifetime of everyone in this world. This often termed "Long life education", from birth to the grave.

In every learning experience, it contains the purpose of education. The purpose of life, the same as the purpose of education. The essence of educational goals is very broad, which there is a process of growth and development.

It can be concluded that in the essence of education is all human activities whether intentional or not, which take place anytime and anywhere throughout the ages, which affects human growth and development towards maturity. Education is life, and life is education.

One reason I chose the theme of education for this blog is because of the breadth of education. And because of that, I can pour out all the learning experiences in my life here, without any time limits or what field boundaries I have learned. All aspects of life are part of education, what we see, hear, think and feel, is all education.

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