Write your plan with a pencil, then give the eraser to God

Actually, what things that worries you more than your fear about the future?

That is what makes the people you see — and perhaps ourselves — learn furiously for diplomas, with the hope that in the 'future' it will be accepted at a top university. Want to graduate quickly, to achieve a bright 'future' in a large company. Work hard like a horse with the mission of creating a 'future' for a brilliant career.

Our worries about the future are like we run after our shadows. It never ends, and always makes the heart restless. Turn on today for tomorrow. A torturous way of life that has ever existed. Shadowed with tomorrow what we will be and what to eat. That is the mindset that makes us material servants.

Fortunately, as an Islamic person, we have faith. By faith, we are like having a torch that guides us along the dark, dark days ahead. Faith makes us know that there is always a way for those who believe that all things - blessings, love and achievement of life - are in Allah's hands. So they are calm, but not too clenched in hands. They are peaceful, but instead they work more and more!

Allah does not ask us to be busy spending time for career. It is precisely Allah wants our careers to live to save our narrow time; turn it into worship which is worth the weight on the hereafter.

Our work, our learning, our activities, the connections we build, the relationships we collect; its essence is not to make a living, but to thank God. Work is not for sustenance, but as a sign of gratitude.

And that is what Allah taught to Prophet Daud (English: David) and his family, "O family of prophet Daud, work to thank Allah. And very few of my servants are grateful. "(Saba’ 13)

And you certainly know, the family of the Prophet David actually became the richest family in human history. He became king and his son became king. What you worry about your future, God has covered it.

Write your plan with a pencil, then give the eraser to Allah. Let Allah erase the wrong parts and replace them with His much more beautiful scenario.

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