The Impact of Parental Motivation on Children's Education

Whatever your economic background, the most important thing is how you behave towards your children's education. It doesn't matter whether you have fulfilled all your costs or not, but the most important thing is the problem of how you encourage your child to succeed in his education.

For those of you who are already parents now, you have a big role in the success of your child's education. Don't arrive, after you send it to school, then your responsibility is finished.

Children will be easy to achieve in their education if they get help and encouragement from their parents. Help and encouragement are not just to help with homework. Not only fulfilling material needs. But more important is how to create conducive conditions so that your child is motivated to achieve and feel comfortable.

The convenience is not just of facilities. But psychological ease is also very important. Your child is not burdened with the psychological burden that arises in the household. Psychic burden can arise from excessive burdens, including relationships between families that are less harmonious.
Give our children an understanding of the importance of education, even more important for the future. But not by force. The key is understanding. Slow down but carried out continuously with good communication.

How to motivate children to study hard?

The question that we often receive is like this, how to motivate children. That's very important. There are parents who are experts on how to motivate their children to continue schooling and achieving even in the midst of all economic limitations. The technique is quite simple, that is telling stories.

There are various success stories and sad stories that they tell about education. The story of a family that can succeed because they struggle in education. And a family end in sadness because it ignore education.

Isn't today's education not determining success?

Yes, of course. Even that for a long time. Education does not determine success or not. However, success is determined by how we apply the knowledge we have acquired.

In the past, having education was an advantage. Now a necessity, even a basic requirement. Education does not determine success, but without education it will be even more difficult.

So education of our children remains important for the future.

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