Interesting Research For Those Who Want to Life HEALTHY AND HAPPY

Robert Waldinger, a study director and psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital and as a professor at Harvard Medical School conducted research on healthy and happy life.

The results of his research are very good, making us aware of the importance of something that is "inner aspects, psychological factors" in our lives that are now being aggressively spoiled by something physical and material.

He, for one of them, concludes like this: "Taking care of your body is important, but tend to your relationship is a form of self-care too. That, I think, is the revelation. "

A good pattern of relationships really determines one's happiness and health. The contribution of a good relationship to happiness and health exceeds the contribution of social class, hereditary and IQ factors.

Well, from here I now find the answer to why the village people with very low economic class, their environment is not as clean as the city people, their education is also not high, but they look happier, healthier and have a long life. They have social care, social enthusiasm and a high sense of social brotherhood.

Want to be healthier and happier? Let's improve the pattern of our social relations. Don't all be judged by material, even though the material is important. There is something more important, namely having a true friend. Crying alone is painful. Smiling and laughing alone, lowered the "self-dignity." Greetings of brotherhood and friendship.

Still with Robert Waldinger's research. I am very happy to talk about actual things like this by using scientific research data. Moreover, the approach is inductive, which in the language of ushul fiqh is called manhaj istiqra'i. Said Imam Al-Syatibi, this manhaji produces authoritative conclusions with absolute truth.

Waldinger's next research finding is that people who at the age of 50 have a close, good and cheerful social relationship will have the opportunity to become the healthiest man at the age of 80. It's not a cholesterol level in middle age that determines how someone is in his old age. Let us get closer and more smiling, not more stretched while spreading scorn and insults.

Another conclusion is that those who have good marital lives have the potential to be mentally healthier in their old age. Usually, those who often conflict with their partners will have an old age that suffers. Therefore, do not let differences in desires and opinions cause family fights and disputes. Make it an ingredient to see differences as a beauty of the variety of life. Is that easy?

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