The Finality of Life

Life is a process that never final and there is no finality. Humans can die, so do countries, but the finality of death institutionalizes on individuals. Every new individual will come.

The finality of life can occur if the Creator of life retires and the creation process automatically stops. The existence of a new reality shows that God is not retired, is eternally immortal, does not die and will never die.

For older people, the obituary is more moving than the news about birth. Maybe because death feels closer to his life.

When returning to God, waiting or not, in fact it runs faster, and it doesn't feel like it's getting older. I feel the call is coming home closer, when my friends one by one have preceded it.

Provision of death is more convenient if it has been prepared since young, so that the call home doesn't seem to be a burden. But many people neglect it. After that old age comes with full helplessness, both physical, mind and guarantee of inadequate life.

Old is a gift to get closer to what makes old. Old age cannot be requested, because many young people, even babies die. Old age is a gift and parents who waste it, make it lose meaning.

A variety of diseases that approach old age, make the God presence and become a single reality in his life. Every breath is God's presence. Thankfulness is delicious. But on the contrary, various diseases become long torments, if they are unable to thank them.

Professor Musa Asy'arie

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