Me Generation Phenomena

Today, we often hear the terms "Me Generation". This term is used to describe the mindset and behavior patterns of today's people. "Me generation" is considered a selfish generation. They are only concerned with their own interests, without caring about bigger issues.

Me Generation is also considered a generation of narcissists. They love to be praised. They like to show off themselves. If there are no real achievements, what they show are handsome and beautiful faces from the latest smartphone application.

Me generation was born and developed with humanism as its religion. Humanism places humans as a benchmark for all forms of truth. The old order which was based on religion fell out along with the development of modern science and technology. The reference is consideration of self and personal conscience.

As David Brooks wrote in his article entitled The Morality of Selfism, this generation has several fundamental characteristics. First, as a form of excessive self-worship, Generation I is very active on social media to show off itself. This can be analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively, which is related to the content of social media which usually photos with all its variations.

Second, Me Generation see itself as the center of the world. The measure of life is a benefit for "myself". Extreme egoism in its shallow meaning blazes big here. Noble words, such as sacrifice, commitment and priority, are foreign words that are avoided as much as possible. (Brooks, 2018)

Third, as a result, this Me Generation is experiencing a crisis of commitment. The data can also be immediately seen. They are so easy to change jobs. A little inconvenience will immediately encourage them to find a new workplace.

This is also added to the difficulty of establishing intimate relations in this Me Generation era. Infidelity is so easy and often today. In the realm of marriage, divorce rates, for various reasons, globally touch 40 to 50 percent of existing marriages. (Business Insider2014) When commitment is weak, all social institutions that support human life also become weak.

If we look deeper, Me Generation have a good heart and high idealism. They want to make the world a better place. They are easily moved by lofty ideals, such as women's emancipation, gender equality and the struggle for human rights.

However, all these things certainly need sacrifice and commitment. In fact, those two things are very shunned by Me Generation. The gap between high idealism on the one hand, and reluctance to sacrifice on the other, makes me generation turn into a troubled generation.

Me generation is very difficult to think critically. As a result, they easily fall into superficial consumptive behavior.

The existence of me generation is partly due to the low quality of education. Indeed, every generation has certain weaknesses and advantages. Its enough to understand the unique characteristics of this generation.

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