17 Mentalities of Rich People

Millions of people in the world have dreams of being rich. But only a small percentage managed to achieve their dream. Why? Is it because they're not smart? No. Is it because they're unlucky? No. You probably think rich people are born of rich families who have a lot of money. Sometimes it's true. But mostly it's not like that. Rich people are successful because they have a mentality or mindset, which they make a habit of everyday. They're actually no better than most people. They're just doing something that the poor don't do. It's what makes them different.

Want to know the secret? Let's see 17 mentalities of the rich people who set them apart from the poor.

1. They decide their own fate.

The poor have the mentality to feel that themselves as "victims." "But the rich have confidence that they can do something that can affect their fate. Whoever they are, from wherever they come from, and how they accumulate wealth, all the rich have one thing in common: they are responsible for their lives. So, they don't just dream.

2. They accept payment in according to result, not time.

People who manage to achieve wealth usually do this. Their focus is to get paid according to the results of work and not the amount of time they spend on work. They didn't allow the whole day to go without a purpose, and keep looking at the clock and hope the time pass quickly. But they're motivated to be productive. They gave some quality work in the process.

3. They form connections with positive people.

The rich know that "attitude is everything. "If they are always together with people who are constantly complaining about living, they will become infected with this negative attitude. Thus, they consciously try to form relationships with people who have the spirit to move forward and succeed. People who talk about how to capture opportunities and adopt a positive attitude toward life.

4. They keep learning.

One of the most powerful habits of rich people is that they have always wanted to learn, to grow and to thrive. They fill their days by reading and listening to self-improvement materials. Eighty percent of rich people love reading. As for the poor, only 25% of them enjoy reading. Rich people prefer self-help books and not fiction. 80% of the rich are spending at least 30 minutes each day reading self-development materials.

5. They chose to acquire knowledge in certain areas rather than formal education.

Rich people oriented toward action. And they prefer education that can help them reach concrete targets. Education is important. But having a lot of knowledge in a certain area is even more important. The rich get rich because they're good at something. Or do something that no one would dare do. Developing expertise in certain fields, especially since early age will give you great advantage.

6. They have clear targets.

Studies have shown that one of the key to success is to have clear targets. Then write down those targets, and take responsibility for it. This is what rich people do. They have a clear, measurable financial objective. Whether it's money's income, savings, or plans for the next five years. The rich people do not only write their targets and then close the book, but they look at them periodically to see how far they go. 72% of rich people focus on their targets every day. Whereas in the poor, it only reaches 6%.

7. They're taking risks with calculations.

Rich people understand that the risk is worth with the reward. If they want to achieve great results, they are more willing to take risks. But they take risk of their lives with calculations, not with reckless behavior. They know exactly what will lose if they don't succeed. Thus, they tend to draw up a plan that minimize the possibility of failure.

8.  They're ambitious.

 Ambition is an important part of gaining success. The rich have ambitions. They use their ambitions to motivate and encourage them to advance. They set a high target and they believe can reach it. This is the opposite of the poor who see the challenge of reaching out to a target just to make them stress and potentially keep them from caring for the people they love. They often associate ambition with an attitude of selfishness and self-rearing.

9.  They grow bigger than their problems.

 Poor people view matters as bad luck. But the rich want to face the problem. They may have run out of ideas, but they didn't give up. They kept working and working until they found a solution. So they finally won.

10.  They take advantage of time wisely.

Rich and successful people make sure that they use their time wisely. They manage time to do various tasks. And they were faithful to the schedule they had set up. Thus, they could prioritize more important tasks, each day. They did it and their focus was not faded because it had to work multitasking.

11.  They focus on net income.

The poor are often focused on how much hours they spend working a day, but the rich people know that a person's income is not as important as how much money is made. People can get paid very costly per hour, but if he doesn't learn to save, he will always run out of money. Rich people know that vast networks create many opportunities and plenty of wealth in the future.

12.  Willing to promote themselves and their values.

Rich people aren't afraid to show their skills. Often they oversell it. But it's still better than the poor people who may be experts in many things but not confident. Maybe because they doubt themselves. As a result, their abilities and skills are undervalued and underappreciated.

13.  They're building a network.

"More importantly, not what you know, but who you know." The rich people know that to succeed, they must surround themselves with successful people. Rich people keep on building the network. They surround themselves with mentors and people who have motivation. They look at your "net equivalent to your clean income."

 14.  They're thrifty.

Usually the rich people aren't wasteful. Although they have money to buy famous designer clothes, they don't buy them. They're looking for the best offer to save money. They set up a well-balanced budget and are loyal to the budget.

15.  They educate their children to be rich.

Poor people educate their children to just "survive. "While the rich are educating their children to be rich. Parents may have unconsciously bequeenuded this limited belief from generation to generation, so it has kept the family alive in the same financial situation for hundreds of years. Rich people educated their children with an intelligent life in managing money, and they also taught that wanting to be rich is something good and can achieve by anyone who wants to think "great."

16.  They know when to stop working.

 Hard work is important for rich people. But they also know of the importance of taking personal time to relax and develop themselves. If they keep forcing themselves to work when they are awake, they are just exhausted, inefficient and unable to produce adequate results. Rich people don't usually work past six. And they don't work until the next morning.

17.  They prioritize themselves first.

Charity and struggling for the things of humanity is a hallmark of rich people. There are rich people who are stingy and selfish. But a lot of billionaires do have a high charity. But before donating large amounts of their money to charities, they put themselves first. Some people thinks they should save the world and be selfless, but the rich people have the view that if they don't put themselves first, they can't help others.

Money cannot solve all problems. But this can be a sign of passion, encouragement and ability that is necessary to achieve something. Anyone can be a rich person, including you. Whatever your background and past, who your parents are, and how many times you failed. You have the potential to become a rich person. If you adhere to the mentality of rich people, this increases your chances of becoming a rich person. Think about how to apply the rich mentalities above to your life. This will put you in a position to enrich yourself in financial and life matters.

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