Passion and Opportunity

What is Passion? Passion is a strong interest or desire in a person towards certain things. Many people said that working according to passion makes the work feels fun and give its own inner satisfaction. Maybe that is true, but unfortunately, the reality in our life often contradict with someone's hopes and desires. Instead of working according to passion, there are still many undergraduates who are confused about finding jobs. Especially in my beloved country, Indonesia.

Being able to work according to passion is a fortune that cannot be obtained by everyone. In fact, so many people who work are not linear with their educational background. Many scholars graduated from education who prefer to be home-based entrepreneurs, politicians, or employees of a company, rather than becoming teachers. If it is assumed that the selection of an education department is based on passion, then if the work involved is not in accordance with the education department, it can be said that the person does not work according to his passion.

Jahja Setiaatmadja, President Director of BCA, as quoted by also suggested that we should prioritize the opportunities rather than be too ambitious in passion. Because maybe the opportunity does not come twice, it could be that the opportunity we take will ultimately become our passion. Do not wait for the job that fits our passion to become an independent person.

According to Jahja, the most important thing is our efforts to create good friendship, build a strong network of relationship, and work as much as possible. The longer we will begin to feel conducive to work, and whatever work we do will be fun. In this condition, no matter how long we work, it will not feel heavy.

Presenting Passion in our Jobs

If you love what you do, it won't feel like working. Sometimes, the environment teaches us to look for jobs where the salary is so high so that we can be said as successful person. But everyone believes that money will not always give you happiness. People who are happy in their lives, are those who able to find their passion, and develop it as a job thay they love.

Sometimes our profession today is very different from what other people have imagined in the past. The study program that we take during school or college is not a guarantee that after graduation we will work in a field that is in line with our educational background.

When you have found your passion and made it a job, every day you do it like it doesn't work, no burden. Why? Because you do it based on love. You love what you do. Because that is your passion.

If you are currently a student, keep learning seriously. Because education is very important. Not only to develop intellectuals and skills, but also as a process of self and emotional maturations. You need a bachelor's degree or a diploma. Extensive insight and good emotional intelligence will make it easier for you to find your passion and self identity.

Everyone certainly wants to have a job. And everyone wants to have a happy life from that job. A high salary will not make you happy if you hate the work that you do every day. Especially if you are a teacher who every day has the task of teaching and educating your students, then the love of your profession as a teacher is absolutely necessary. If you do not love teaching activities, not love your students, not love the environment where you teach, believe me, the results will not be good.

While still young, you still have the status of a student, you still have many opportunities to think and choose which passion is the most appropriate for you. Use the best time to learn and continue to develop yourself. When you later work and your work has become your passion, that's the thing that really makes you happy in your life.

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