Positive Impact of Social Media for Education

Social media is an online media, where users can easily participate, share and create content including blogs, social networks, forums and the virtual world. In education, social media also plays an important role in improving the quality of students. Using social media in order to improve the quality of students is to use all the ease of communication and sharing information through the media for the process of education or learning. More effective, efficient, and accelerated overall information.

One reason why social media is so popular because it allows users to change their experience and interact via internet. With the many new technologies and developments in social networks today, there are many benefits and reasons for everyone, including students to use social media. A study found that 70% of students feel that the technology they use to learn must be adapted to themselves as users of social media.

Some social media that can play a role in the world of education and improve the quality of students, including Facebook, Twitter, Blog, and Youtube. The quality of students can be better when utilizing social media as much as possible, by minimizing the negative impact. Facebook and Twitter are the most used social networks, friendship systems and information exchange that are very easy to do, are the reason why many students have accounts on these two social media.

Through a WhatsApp group or blog, students can easily discuss without being limited by space and time so that discussions here are more interesting and efficient. Finally students can do an independent learning process without having to be accompanied by a teacher. But it will be better if teachers participate in managing the group. So that any learning using several methods can be easily explained.

Likewise, the use of social media as a medium for school promotion. The use of social media in schools as a way to reach the attention of students and parents, is a necessity in this age. It's a shame if a school misses the opportunity to use social media as a tool to achieve its positive impact.

Social media can help students to identify additional content to increase knowledge and provide additional material needs for students. For example, YouTube provides videos for students in audio visual format when needed to clarify learning material. Social media allows students to send various documents such as videos, documents, voice notes, photos, etc.

Students can use the service to share content such as Google Docs for group assignments. These features help students to organize groups and tasks easier.

The concept of school branding in school promotion has two dimensions. The first dimension is social media as a form of branding. A school with effective use of social media will be the school that forms its branding. The application of 'branding' in the context of school promotion is a way for prospective students to become interested in choosing a school rather than choosing another school. The application of this will help parents make choices because of the same values or brands and become a big goal for parents to send their children to school.

The second dimension is that the school seeks to fill positive content about its institution by continuing to inform positive things. There is a term now that 'Google is your new name card' or someone's reputation and capacity is at the touch of a finger when someone searches for his name on Google. If the school actively fills positive content about the school, other institutions will easily establish cooperation for the school progress. Because institutions or communities outside the school will find it easy to see what is a school activity as well as the main focus of school development for the better. And now it has become a more advanced school.

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