Positive Impact of Suffering

When the suffering is strong, a creation must be born. That is what artists and creative workers all over the world believe. Some great artists and thinkers, Hemingway, Nietzsche and even Michaelangelo, experienced quite long depressive periods in their lives. At the end of his life, Nietzsche even lost his sanity.

Various studies also show, there is a fairly close connection between suffering depression and the birth of a creative work. This also applies in various fields of creative work, including writers, sculptors, musicians and so on. Why this happened? Is this unavoidable?

A creative worker has a higher sensitivity. They are very aware with their own condition and environment. They are also very reflective, able to ask deep questions to themselves. These three things are actually glorious, but have their own dark side.

Because of their sensitivity, they tend to be fragile when face of rejection and failure. Fear and anxiety that they feel are also at a deeper level than others. The high imagination they have is able to imagine good things in life, also able to imagine bad things that might not really exist.

Sensitivity also encourages them to care about situation of the world. They wrestle in political and economic suffering, from poverty, discrimination, slander to war and torture. From the suffering, they tried to find a way out. Unfortunately, there is not much they can contribute to being able to solve practical political problems that are full of lies.

Artists and creative workers also often have high expectations for life. That high expectation also made them clash with bitter reality. Failure also hurts deeper, than what other people feel. Sensitivity is like a double-edged sword that hurts its owner.

Indeed, suffering does not have to give birth to work. However, for creative people, creation often become a way out of suffering. The creation gives a momentary satisfaction from the suffering that continues to be experienced. Not surprisingly, most of the great thinkers and creative people continue to wrestle with such tense pain, while continuing to produce creation that warm the hearts and minds of others.

Actually, suffering is not a problem. As long as it contain meaning. Suffering is a part of a colorful life.

Suffering becomes meaningful, when contain the high ideals. For example, people suffer, because they struggle to improve their families' lives. Or, people suffer, because they defend their nation. Within the framework of meaning, suffering becomes happy.

In the way of Zen, suffering for all is the suffering of Bodhisattva. This word reflects the person who has realized the true identity of himself, and has come out into the world to release mankind from meaningless suffering. He also saw that his original identity was always the same not only with other humans, but also with the entire universe. This made him have unlimited compassion, and was able to endure incomparable suffering.

Suffering becomes sorrow, when it is only circling to save the ego. Ego means greediness that always want more, regardless of conditions. Ego also means the will to control, without regard to a sense of justice. When the ego becomes king, naturally insignificant suffering is created.

In the 21st century, politics is a world of suffering. Lies are an daily life. Deception is the color of living together. Sincerity is something rare, almost extinct from daily life.

The suffering here is suffering without meaning. The work of greed and ignorance. There is no sacrifice for the kindness. Very few pay attention to mutual interests. However, this is not a necessity. There are other possibilities that can be fought for. Suffering in politics can be a pain to realize a common good.

A creation has never been separated from suffering. However, suffering does not have to torture the soul. The meaningful suffering, that is, for ideals greater than the greed of ego, can be a deep entertainment for the soul. This is true, not only for artists and creative workers, but also in politics.

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