Terror of Mind

The most dangerous threat for us does not come from outside. He is located inside, very close and accompanies our daily lives. It is "FEAR".

Fears came from and created by our mind, the result of conception with objects or experiences. From experience created new narratives with conclusions that (could be) more complex. This conclusion is one of the considerations to decide.

To prove my statement, we can see children who have no experience that fire is hot, or a knife can hurt. Give him a knife or fire, then he will touch it and play it. He will only realize that the fire is hot after touching it, or the knife is dangerous after injuring his body.

The biggest fear is death which manifests: pain, hunger, humiliation, not considered, etc. These conditions are in stages according to experience. People who are not get used to being hungry, he will be confused if he doesn't get food. But on the other hand, hunger has become a daily "food" for some people. At that time eating was no longer frightening, but it was only a kind of reduced habit.

We who are not ordinary with pain will hesitate, if we don't want to say run, if in a situation that causes pain. But for some people, perhaps the pain has become a kind of life cycle that sinks and turns into courage.

More experience will make us more courageous. Courage against fear will make us not be afraid. That is the courage to take action with risk.

There are people who only dare to take actions that do not contain risks. If he think that what he is about to do will have an adverse effect (hurt, hunger, humiliation, etc.) he will step back three steps then run away. Their fears are caused by untested experiences or other people's painful experiences that are based on them.

These are the people who are terrorized by their own minds. They make speculative conclusions, calculate the consequences of the actions he will do. Then they decided that they are unable to deal with a situation that was considered to be painful.

Basing speculative analysis on the other's experiences, on the one hand is very important as a basis for calculating the bad possibilities that will occur. With that analysis, we can minimize the bad possibilities as far as we can reach.

But what is terrible, if the interpretation of the experience is too great and mixed with terrible imagination. We then imagine something strange, beyond normal thought, even absurd. This is where the fears will haunt the path we will take.

Among us may have met people who experienced this. Small examples, our friends, or even ourselves, are afraid to do this and that. Once we ask or we find out the factors, the fear turned out to be caused by one thing that we think is just a little problem, even unreasonable and actually no need to be feared.

Our friend is afraid, it may be because he has an untested experience that terrorizes his mind continuously or maybe it is also because of too great interpretation of other people's experiences.

For us, the problem is common because we have had the same experience and have been tested. But for him it was a new experience so he was afraid to do it. Here, we can know that (in this context) we are more qualified than our friend. The more experience the more courage. Dare means not afraid. Courage is the opposite of fear itself.

Everyone Has a Fear

Someone we know bravely does not mean he has no fear. Because the biggest fear is death. Everybody will surely be afraid to be die. Because the death is the end of stories about life. As long as a person is still alive, he must have fear.

People who are not afraid to die are probably only Sufis who have mocked their Gods. For him, death is hope, because with death he will meet a lover who is very loved and missed. Death will be meaningfully broken, longing because the meeting is no longer pseudo. The Sufis who have ma'rifat I exclude in the discussion of this note. At least we must stop terrorizing ourselves with superficial thoughts and limited assumtions.

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