The Role of Literacy in Science Development

Literacy is closely related to reading and writing. In the Qur'an, we know the term "ulil albab" which means people who think. The connection with literacy, hobby, enthusiasm, or the tradition of reading and writing, is the main characteristic of people who are ulil albab. By reading, whether it is reading texts or phenomena, we will gain knowledge and experience that we do not yet know. Whereas by writing, we develop and disseminate the knowledge and experience that we have gained through the reading process. Reading is an activity to input data and information. Then we process data and information and transform it by writing. Through this series of processes, the dynamic process of science continue from the past until now.

In the process of thinking, reading and writing, humans cannot be separated from the use of language. As stated in the Qur'an, the surah ar-Rum verse 22. It is stated that the creation of a variety of languages ​​is one proof of God's power for those who want to think about it. Therefore, language has an important and vital role as a tool created by God for human use in communication and communicating everything in human's life. We can use language, especially written language, as a reward investment that has continued to flow since we were alive until we died, with contributions in the form of written works in the field of science that useful for human life.

Thus, the good abilities to read and write is the main requirement for someone to acquire and develop knowledge. Therefore, in all levels of education, good reading and writing skills must continue to be developed and cultivated to create humans who are not only able to become consumer of science, but also able to become creator of science. High quality of literacy (read-write) is the key for the development and transformation of science.

From this moment, in this information era, we should maximize our use of time for things that are more productive through reading and writing activities. With motivation to gain knowledge and experience, as well as self-benefit for others through efforts to re-transform various discovery and product which more creative and innovative ideas in the form of written works, can be books, articles, essays, columns, papers, etc.

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