Study of Educational Psychology in Modern School

The study of educational psychology can help teachers and prospective theacher to improve their understanding of children and youth, and to become more effective in their work. The twofold purpose of the science is to develop and apply psychological principles in the interests of better teaching.

In developing their principles of teaching, educational psychologists concern with every field of psychology, especially the fields of learning, child and adolescent development, social psychology, individual differences, and mental health. From these fields they have developed principles that are applicable to all the major functions of teaching.

Since the educational needs and educational theories change with the changes in society educational psychologists must always reexamine their principles and adapt their concepts to the changes that are taking place.

The changes in society have caused basic changes in educational theory. Some of these letter changes have involved the questions of what to teach. Of course it is impossible to construct a curriculum that embraces all useful knowledge.

We are now beginning to recognize that learning how to learn and how to solve problems is more important than merely accumulating a store of knowledge. Difficult, novel problems, for which there may be no solutions, are faced by individuals day by day. Therefore, in educating our children for citizenship in the new age, we are not trying to prepare them for sharply prescribed roles. Our supreme educational aim is to develop man’s creative powers for constructive service in society.

This is the duty of a teacher to be able to use the principles in educational psychology. Teachers should be able to understand the different characteristics of students, check their mental health, and developing all the potential themselves. In today's modern era, the role of psychology in education is vital to saving lives of children from diseases that can interfere with their mental health.

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